Five Things Entrepreneurs Should Look Forward To on a Friday

entrepreneurs on fridays

Yes!! TGIF. Thank God it’s Friday. Although some of us shouldn’t really be saying that aloud (cos we work all the seven days a week), Friday comes loaded with endorphins. There is something relieving about working on a Friday – a psychological slowdown conveyed to the brain so that thought process is streamlined and settled.

Even though you are a hard working entrepreneur who keeps slogging on all days and weather conditions, it is important to take a breather on a Friday. This leaves a significant impact on your stress levels and the way the week ahead is planned.

Yes, you are going back to work tomorrow, but today is Friday. This means you have one evening when you should seriously take time off before coming back to the lair of passion.

Five Things Entrepreneurs Should Look Forward To on a Friday

Chill with Friends

You may or may not have close friends in other entrepreneurs, but it is important to chill alright. Friday means you should log off for the evening and step out. In case you are a family guy, spending time with your loved ones is also a great option. You should ideally get out of the zone and start feeling lazy outside. Have a drink, crack some jokes, let the lightness settle in.

Relax and Reflect

In case you are a mentally attuned entrepreneur, you have to step away from the work desk and make yourself seated in a relaxed place. This could be a religious venue, your own meditation spot or even near a swimming pool – make sure you step out and relax with your thoughts. Reflect what’s pending and how it can be dealt with. Make it a point to not RUSH with the thoughts, though. Keep it nice and easy. Breathe.

Understand Your Blissful State

Friday is a great feeling. Make it a part of yourself. Tune your mind to accept the Friday bliss, even if it’s momentary and will fade the very next day. You can still get back to work on the Saturday, but treat Friday like your beloved. Spend at least 30 minutes of quality time with what makes you happy.

Switch off the Worries

Yes. Time to reboot and unwind. Switch off all the tensions, negative thoughts and anxieties. Make the one or two hours that you have count. Expend time with people who matter, and most importantly, folks who do not remind you of all the business related stuff. Keep it light and simple. Engage in a nonsensical banter, the one that’s below your league. It helps.

Count Your Blessings

Make good use of Fridays to push in great thoughts. Out of the week gone by, think more about your achievements and rewards. Count the blessings first. You can then sort the shortcomings. The more positive you feel on a Friday, the more possible your obstacles look to be tackled.

Friday is good. The day is simply kind in so many ways. Do not turn the day into a hectic routine. Enjoy the little break before you jump into action again the next day. You are worth it.


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