Five Saturday Businesses That Make REAL Money

Saturday is a lazy weekends for everyone else, except passionate hustlers. Entrepreneurs are working round the clock to make their businesses tick. That being said, there are certain ventures that take off big time only on weekends. Now, if these avenues are your regular business, Saturdays and Sundays become super critical for them to go operational.

Saturday businesses will predictably be those that attract weekend crowds. The scope is pretty large in the verticals such as hospitality and food & dining. Let us cut to the chase and explore the strategies that can make crazy money on Saturdays.

Weekend Buffet – Food & Dining

This strategy is always a huge hit, taking into consideration decent positioning. People constantly look for exciting weekend brunches and dinners with their loved ones. A weekend buffet not only proves to be easy on their pockets, but also lets in access to a great platter with delicious drinks. If your business is food & dining, conceptualizing exciting weekend brunches would be a great way to go. Throw in a bit of imagination and work it. We are talking about theme brunches, unlimited drinks, happy hours and local cuisines. You can go crazy with ideas as long as they sync well with the crowd that visits your restaurant.

kids party

Theme Parties and Fests for Kids – Event Planners

Tired parents seriously need to engage their forever cranked up and easily bored offspring. That’s a pretty lucrative market. Kids’ parties and events are a great source of money generation, especially on Saturdays. Now that’s because Sunday is consciously planned a little slow, thanks to the beginning of the week to come. If you are an event planner or run an agency into celebrations, cash in extra with more ‘kid driven’ ideas on Saturdays. No kidding!!


Pottery Classes – Leisure

Busy women look for creative getaways on weekends. And the size of this tired women market is growing by the day. Pottery classes fetch only next to Yoga and Zumba. Organize pottery classes with experts. Charge your clients decent and reward your team well. You are still left with good amount of money at the end of it all.

suuport group

Support Groups – Life and Wellness

Yes!! You’ve heard that right. There is an increasing need for support groups on weekends, thanks to miserable lifestyles and piling stress. Organizing support groups and inviting members with a registration and entry fee works as a win-win for both the ends. You will be the one to show hope to many distressed souls and they will not mind paying few bucks for the same. Book a nice banquet hall or a meeting room and get going. You can increase the frequency and even engage an expert to join on-board based on how things go.


Activities for the Elderly – Leisure

Enough said about women and children. Let us look at what we can do for the elderly. They need a break too, sitting all cooked up indoors through the week. Organizing and conducting meaningful leisure activities for the elderly in your community is a terrific and a heart-warming idea. There is a lot that can be offered by this means, in the form of entertainment and assurance. Make sure you are reasonable while charging for these kind of events. The returns are priceless with what you give out to the elders in the form of happiness and bliss.

There is no dearth of opportunity on Saturdays, provided the business idea meshes with what your end customers really look for. Go on, put on your thinking hats and come up with the next great money spinning take off.

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