Five Reasons Why Your Chase for Success Never Ends!

Success is subjective and would have different meaning for different people. One may be satisfied to have earned success while other person at the same level would be craving for it. There are many definitions of success but there is just one parameter of success and that is “SATISFACTION” – when you are satisfied with your achievement, you have attained your meaning of success. Whatever your theory of success may be, if you have not yet attained it then these 5 reasons are probably holding you back –

  1. Productive Time / Work Time Ratio

You may be working for hours, probably 8 to 10 hours constantly but still what you get as an output is almost negligible. This is because you are being distracted by many things that you consider as a small break but it actually takes away lot of your productive time. Out of 10 working hours, you hardly have 4 to 5 productive hours as your time gets lost in chatting with friends, social networking, reading silly forwarded messages and checking out online portals. If you are convinced that this is your problem then keep a track. You can note down every time you take a break and also pen down the duration as this will help you know what you are having actually as your productive time!

  1. Your goal is changing continuously

When you have not decided what you want to achieve, how will you taste achievement. Your goal keeps on changing and so would your direction of working. This will affect your efficiency and also the end result. Set the realistic goal, work towards it and achieve it, as this will give you the taste of success.

  1. Opportunity missed is opportunity gone

Success is not just the matter of time but it depends on right decision taken at the right time. You will come across several opportunities but recognizing the right opportunity at the right time and then utilizing them in the right direction would take you on the road to success. Remember – Opportunity missed is opportunity gone and you would rarely get the same opportunity again.

  1. Are you taking risk?

Yes, risk is necessary for every job or business. Some risks can be calculated while some others would be spontaneous but the risks offer a positive leap to your career. Assess the risk and give it a try as some risks will open up lot many opportunities. No need to play safe every time!

“If you try, you risk failure. If you don’t, you ensure it!”

  1. Hard work doesn’t always pay!

Hard work is essential and I don’t deny the fact that hard work always pays, but hard work without any direction would never pay. If you are not getting desired results as you are overworked then take a break. Start afresh, may be your fresh try would get you what you want!

Your success is in your hands, all you need is to dedicate your time and efforts in right direction to get the desired results.

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