Five Incredible Money Apps for Startup Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs usually have busy schedules, attending meetings, managing finances and employee briefings. Most of the time, they sleep late and wake up early, and have to use their awake hours to ensure maximum productivity. Startup entrepreneurs cannot afford to dedicate the entire team to different aspects of business, so they have to find easier ways to manage the money matters.

As smartphones have become an absolute necessity today, here are top five applications that will be helpful in managing the money matters in your startup business and boosting your productivity.



PayPal is already a popular payment tool being used by millions of users worldwide. Now, with the PayPal app, you can send money to more than 100 countries in the world within seconds. You may spend money or withdraw it online with just a few taps. It’s absolutely free to send money in the US from PayPal balance or bank account. You may also request money which others can pay with seconds. You also receive instant notifications so that you can keep track of your transactions.



You are definitely spending money on your business, and Concur allows to fill your expense reports and keep them organized, including plane tickets, hotel reservations, rental cars and business lunches. You can use Concur to keep all your business expenses in one place. Just download this on your smartphone and keep it protected with a mobile PIN. The app also allows you to import data from your credit cards, approve and submit expense reports, itemize hotel expenses, and add meeting and event attendees.

Western Union Money Transfer from WU

western union app

This wonderful app from Western Union allows you to do what Western Union is best at, which is to transfer money. Whether you want to send money to a bank, person or business, you can use this mobile tool to transfer money to almost 500,000 agents across the globe. You may also repeat your transactions if needed. Transfers can be made across 200 nations and territories, to hundreds of businesses. Over the app, you may also track your transfers, update your contacts, view your personal information and review your payment methods.

Spending Tracker from MH Riley Ltd.

spending tracker

With this easy and user-friendly app, you can keep track on where your money is going each month, and get a deeper understanding of your expenditure. With this, you will be able to stick to your business budget and even save money. The app is available for free to download. Just enter your income and expenses, and instantly control your expenses in real-time. You may track your yearly, monthly and weekly expenses, and the app also allows you to set a budget for your expenses. Any remaining budget may be carried over to the next month.

Square Cash from Square Inc.

sq cash

Sometimes, Square Cash can come as a rescue to small business owners. It allows you to send or request money from people in your contacts. By paying a minor percentage, you can receive money to buy goods or services that you immediately need. Transfers can be made within a matter of seconds that too with anyone who does not even has an account. You may use your debit card to make the transfers without any fee. You will receive a $cashtag which you can share on your profile and use it to receive payment from someone within minutes.

These five incredible apps are a must-have for any startup entrepreneur. These apps give you more time to focus more on your business, rather than managing money. The apps are a boon that come to rescue while organizing your workload and motivate to get things done.

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