These Five Ecommerce Sites in India are Totally Rocking The Arena

The ecommerce culture in India is here to stay. What started off as a way of promoting shopping among the tech savvy has grown into a full-fledged business idea with millions of Indians taking to the internet like never before!

Though there are a number of international ecommerce companies on the scene, not all can cater to the needs and preferences of the Indians. Keeping this in mind, a lot of enterprising youngsters came up with ecommerce ventures of their own and have become whopping successes.

The ecommerce arena today in India is congested with more and more new names. However, there are a few players who have been around for long and are still going strong.

Here is a list of the top 5 ecommerce giants of India in the present day scenario. They are enabling better lives across the country.


Flipkart was the first ever company to venture into the Indian ecommerce arena and make it big. It started off as a website that catered to the book lovers and offered delivery of latest and popular books at discounted rates. The audience took to it immediately, resulting in an instant success. The massive response propelled the company to try its hand in other things too and it soon diversified into household objects, electronic items and fashion.

The company has an annual turnover of US$ 15 billion and continues to be top ecommerce leaders in the Indian market. Lately, Flipkart has turned its attention to mobile shopping to tap in the audience that prefers to carry out all the transaction on smartphone.

amazon offce

Amazon India

Amazon had been around for quite a long time in the international market. However, its inability to deliver the items to Indian shores is what encouraged the company to come up with a separate Indian segment. Dealing everything from books to electronic items, computer accessories and household items, the website is known for its quick delivery, good quality and high discounts. Launched in 2013, this ecommerce site is catching up fast with the contemporaries and competitors. We would say Amazon India is now in the top most league.


Founder Kunal Bahl launched Snapdeal with an idea of operating the store in the lines of America’s Walmart. With the emphasis mainly being on gadgets and electronic goods, this ecommerce website was designed to offer a common platform for the buyers and the sellers. However, this website has a tough competition to face from Flipkart and Amazon, both of which continue to be the market leaders.



An exclusive ecommerce site for all things fashion, Myntra was conceptualized and launched in 2007 by a bunch of IIT graduates. Offering branded clothes and accessories of all leading brands and in all sizes, the portal is a dream come true for the fashion crazed generation. The company soon tied up with market leader Flipkart and has ever since moved on to an app only platform, what with its majority of customers being the smartphone users. However, if sources are to be believed, the company is soon going to relaunch its desktop version to enhance revenues and gain more customers.


Now that anything and everything is available online, how could the jewelry market stay away from ecommerce? CaratLane is a well-known jewelry ecommerce site in India where you can find all kinds of diamond jewelry. From rings to bangles, Mangalsutras to nose rings, necklaces to bracelets, CaratLane has all this and more. With a cash on delivery option and a secured gateway for cards, this ecommerce site is catching up fast and has paved way for many more jewelry sites to enter in.

Ecommerce sites in India are mushrooming left, right and center, what with the extensive response they are fetching from the customers. However, the above giants continue to rule the arena. Here’s hoping that they would give tough competition for years to come.

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