Famous Bedtime Regimen of the Most Successful Hustlers

Did you know that the activity with which you end your day influences your spirits the following morning? As much as the number of hours you sleep counts, what you do before bed is also equally important. Successful entrepreneurs realize this fact and one of their secrets is great bedtime routine.

Let’s have a look at the rituals of affluent entrepreneurs before bed.



Reading before bedtime is a great habit to have. U.S. President Barack Obama and the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates read for 30 minutes before retiring to sleep. It is not just business reading. You can even browse through information from different sources and keep the passion ignited in life.

Make a ‘to-do’ list

Making a to-do list for the coming day is always better than spending time pondering over pending stuff and recalling them throughout the night. CEO of American Express, Kenneth Chenault is said to jot down three things that he has to achieve the next day.

Evening walk

CEO and cofounder of Buffer, Joel Gascoigne, walks for around 20 minutes before bedtime. It helps him to assess the day’s work, get prepared for the challenges that follow and get exhausted. Walking has been known to lessen anxiety and stress too.


Reminisce the good moments of the day

Successful entrepreneurs think of the good things that happened throughout the day. This brings positive vibrations and a sense of gratitude. Irrespective of how tiring the day was, successful individuals focus on the positive aspect rather than getting carried away by the negativity.

Think of the success that beckons

Visualize the success that awaits you at the other side of the night. Always have a positive outlook towards every project that you are working on. This is extremely important if you wish to be a successful entrepreneur.


Meditating relaxes your body in the most amazing way. It calms your mind and puts to rest the chaos of thoughts running in your head.


Say “NO” to alcohol

Alcohol should be strictly avoided if you wish to sleep well. It can help you fall asleep but it deprives you of an undisturbed sleep. You stay in the lighter stages of sleep and so you cannot have a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Plan a healthy sleep schedule

Successful entrepreneurs often plan their sleep schedule. They have a perfect count of the number of hours they have to sleep and wake up at the exact time they need to without wasting the valuable morning hours in hitting snooze. It makes no sense to sleep anxiously after hitting snooze, that’s the concept of successful entrepreneurs.

Cherish some family time

Spending quality time with your better half, kids or your pet is very important to be happy and contented in life. Your partner may not sleep at the same time as you do, but nothing can be better than talking with your partner about the day.

Unwind correctly

Unwinding in the right way means that you put aside your devices and take a break from all the social networking sites. Keep yourself away from the addictive games too that your devices could be having. Phones emit a blue light that inhibits melatonin hormone that monitors your sleep and wake cycle. As a result, you turn into an insomniac and have vision problems. It can even lead to cancer and depression in the worst scenario.

If you think that you can be a successful entrepreneur by working for long hours and missing sleep, you are practicing entrepreneurship the wrong way. Sit back, relax, make the most of the twelve hours you have during the day and keep the remaining hours for your family and yourself. Being an entrepreneur does not mean sacrificing everything else. It means having everything else too besides money and a great brand.

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