Facebook May Strut, But G Plus Plays by Rules

For those in the world of social media marketing, you are entirely informed about the way different social platforms behave. Just like people, each of them have their own ‘mind’, thanks to the strategy with which they have been developed and presented to the world. Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook takes a chunk of the pie in the scenario, giving hope to the growing small businesses that see a huge traction and exposure. Likewise, Twitter and Instagram continue to take the world by charm in their own way. G Plus, however, is a player that strictly operates by the rules.

Carrying professional standards and practices, the communities on G Plus are huge and widespread, giving an option to promote any kind of product or service with maximum reach. However, a lot depends on how users make use of the resources that are available, while not generalising the standard practices of FB here.

Do not use G Plus like FB, It Simply Won’t Work



Agreed that Facebook is way swankier. You have options to join multiple groups, pages and even create your own and build traffic. However, there are limitations to be adhered to while targeting the audience that is available on Google Plus. The game plan is not the same, at all!

Spamming away on Facebook? G Plus will Shut You Out

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You must be at the liberty of bombarding content across the pages and groups on Facebook, which is absolutely okay ‘to an extent’. Paid promotion is evidently the newest way of making money for the social media giant, giving a major leap to the Startups. However, you need to be ‘prim’ and ‘proper’ while promoting content across the communities on G Plus. Too much spamming and posting in a day may end up blocking you out for the rest of the next two weeks.

Read the Guidelines on G Plus, Follow the Mood on Facebook

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It is important to ‘adhere’ to guidelines while promoting content on G Plus. You need to understand that the communities that operate here are sticklers for method. On Facebook, all depends on the ongoing mood, strategy to pitch content by relevance and what’s trending.

Stop Being Lazy. Tap the untapped market on G Plus

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Operating the extremely non flexible Google Plus can get to your nerves. But keep striving to establish an identity here. G Plus promises a vast outreach that can only be tapped in due course of time. Once you are settled and more ‘channelled’ with your promotion plan, you will automatically register the brand in the minds of the users soon.

Do Not ‘Generalize’ Your Promotional Strategies

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It is pretty obvious that what works for Facebook will not necessarily work with G Plus. Understand the subtle differences and adapt a flexible promotional plan that meets the requirements individually.

G  Plus is not as funky as FB for now, but it is a great tool for content marketing. You need to adapt to the platform better to implement the targeting that is capable of fetching large hits.


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