Entrepreneurs Need Good Sleep. Are You Working On Yours?



Most times, your startup may still be in the micromanaging phase, and this means long hours and insomnia too. Sleep deprivation comes in mostly because of overworked brain. But if you don’t get sufficient sleep, you feel tired, your health suffers and consequently your work suffers.

Entrepreneurs are the first of human beings who need sleep more than anyone else. If you are an entrepreneur, you need at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

You may want to sleep, with your busy schedule; you may even find time to sleep but you cannot sleep! The tiresome day, stress of next day’s work, the deadlines of clients or an annoying employee may not let you sleep.

Here are a few sleep habits that will help you get a better doze with your crazy entrepreneur lifestyle:

Make Your Room as Dark As Possible

For a good sleep, make your room darker. Splurge on blackout curtains, block hallway light with a towel in front of the door or choose a hotel room with black curtains whenever possible. These are few small things that you can do for your sleep.

Remove All Gadgets

Keep all the gadgets away when you sleep. This means keep away the distractions from your bedroom. Even the tiniest of lights and sounds can be disturbing. Keep only your alarm clock near you.

Keep Away the Screens before Bed

This can be a hard one for an entrepreneur but it is necessary for your sleep. Looking at a screen of your cell phone, tablet or television can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Find Out Your Necessary Sleep

Every human being is different and so is their sleep requirement. The sleep requirement varies from person to person. Therefore, figure out your sleep requirement. Find out how many hours you need to be rested.

Find What Foods Suit You

It is suggested not to eat anything two hours before hitting the bed. However, some foods are easier to digest than others. Have those. There are sleep inducing intakes too, such as warm milk or fruit. Spicy foods, caffeinated food and creamy, heavy foods can be damaging for your sleep.

Do not have coffee or tea before you lie down. These beverages contain nicotine that keeps you awake.

In addition to these sleep habits, find out what lightens you up. Maybe it’s a hot water bath or reading a book. Identify what assists you to fall asleep. Your body knows it and starts shutting down.

Most essentially, remember the only an excellent sleep routine is the one that works for you for lifetime. You will be able to work better if you sleep better. Make sure you to give priority to sleep or else you won’t be able to give your complete output to any other aspect of life.

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