EMPOWERING Companies with Great Presentations!! A Cory and Yancey Success Story

When you offer customers what you are extremely passionate about, magic happens. The success of Empowered Presentations is all that and more. Offering game changing presentations to the companies of all sizes and kinds. Back in 2010, Yancey and Cory Jim had the slightest idea about what they were getting into. They had a simple plan with specific end goals; offering high quality presentation designs that will empower the mighty words of knowledge coming from millions of users.

With no prior training into design, both the founders took off the long route. Hailing from a corporate background, they had experience and knowledge to drive things through. After few years of hard goings, Empowered Presentations was launched in Honolulu, Hawaii. To imagine that they began their operations after winning the World’s Best Presentation Contest!!

Today, Empowered Presentations (EP) is a robust business platform that offers amazing presentation design tools to the end users. The passion to deliver knockout designs and patterns is constantly evolving, thanks to the various advancements and upgrades happening in the industry ever since.

Empowered operates with a straight cut approach – convert the end user’s thoughts into beautiful presentation slides. Entrepreneurs across the globe now vouch for the effectiveness of design and the final output. Be it a message, business pitch, vision statement or a knowledge driven presentation, Empowered works hand in hand with the user to make it happen.

“Let us do what we are called to do so that you can focus on what you are called to be” says their tagline.

Cory for one, did not see this coming at all. “Before launching Empowered Presentations, I was a Unites States Marine for 6 years and was deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. While I was there, one of my tasks involved creating mission briefs and de-briefs in the PowerPoint. During my downtime and to stay awake and pass the time, I would email my then 3 year old son the and his mother the ABC’s and 123’s in PowerPoint along with pictures and updates of what was going on.”, he says.

Cory while at Marines. Where he had learnt the basics of PowerPoint presentations.

Cory while at Marines. Where he had learnt the basics of PowerPoint presentations.

“Fast forward, a few years later, again I found myself creating presentations for a startup company that I was a part of. It was an entrepreneur university that taught various life and business classes and flew in experts coming from respective industries across the country to teach their craft. Being a part of the startup, my job was to make sure that all of the 20+ instructors presentations matched the branding of the university and not so random in style and design. Doing this also allowed me to advance my design skills, having to work with multiple presenters at any given time while building my database of future clients” adds Cory.

The ride was predictably as tough. There were constant roadblocks and challenges.

“What launched Empowered Presentations from a private contractor status was winning the 1st place out of 4,000 entries from all over the world in the ‘World’s Best Presentation Contest’ on Slideshare.net. This was in 2010. And since then, we have been riding that wave for the past 6 years, helping individuals and companies to visually communicate their messages, missions and stories in a quality format.” Says Cory.

Being a visual and deign medium, there were challenges at every point. The initial challenges remain the same to this day; educating others on the value of communicating effectively through visuals. Non-visual learners must embrace the fact that not everyone learns the way they learn.  Some people learn audibly, some learn kinaesthetically, and some visually. By not communicating effectively visually with a boring text heavy PowerPoint will not keep the visual learners engaged.

Yancey at the Empowered Office, whipping up mind blowing presentations.

Yancey at the Empowered Office, whipping up mind blowing presentations.

Cory says that ever since launching Empowered Presentations in 2010, there have been a good number of ‘presentation design’ firms and individuals globally who have started a similar business. This means that the industry is growing as a whole and so is the awareness.

“This makes it easier to charge for services, but also harder since there is more competition. Staying ahead of the creative game with new styles and tools, while keeping overhead and quality high is a must in this niche. Some seasons we could go a couple weeks without any paying clients or leads and wonder if this is just a trend or if we are doing something wrong, and would have to regroup and refocus on RPA’s (revenue producing activities). Being an entrepreneur and having a service based company is not easy, especially in a creative niche. One has to really stand out from the rest in order to continually bring in new clients” shares Cory.

Empowered Presentations continues to offer and deploy rich and qualitative deigns to its ever growing customers. Both Cory and Yancey find the business delightfully engaging, challenging and creatively stimulating. The portal also has free sources for the first handers seeking guidance with initial trials. Apart from this, Empowered continues to share some of the most valuable inputs on designing to both the rookies as well as seasoned entrepreneurs.

Empowered Presentations! Presentation Design Firm

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