Email Marketing – A Must Have in Your Marketing List

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Email Marketing has always been an important component for social outreach. If we go with the statistics, millions of Emails are generated every 60 seconds all over the world. This value makes it pretty much evident that Emails are still extensively used for communication by companies as well as customers.

It is believed by 72% of U.S. adults that Email is a great option to interact with people. Promotional Emails are preferred by 91% of the people. As far as companies are concerned, 73% of them have affirmed that Email marketing is of paramount importance to them. 25% of these deem Email to be the most effective medium where ROI (return on investment) is concerned.

Many people now believe that Email marketing has gone extinct. That is an incorrect assumption. It is very much here and is bound to stay.

Here are some of the reasons why marketing through Email should be a must have in the list of your marketing channels as a startup.

Email marketing is getting advanced with time

It has become possible to keep a track of Emails and modify them in order to grab the attention of maximum customers.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why Email marketing would prove to be a powerful marketing medium.

  1. It will be possible to embed video in the Email.
  2. Behavioral Email marketing will be encouraged through predictive analytics.
  3. Email marketing will soon aim to reach out to target audience based at a particular location.


Right implementation leads to a profitable business

Over promotion and under promotion are the main flaws with Email marketing. If Email marketing is done in the right way, it can convert all the potential leads into customers. Once someone has subscribed to your Email newsletter, make sure that the person receives good content. A friendly conversational tone goes a long way in promoting your business. Subtle salesmanship is better than forced and obvious looking business promotion.

If Email marketing is executed correctly, you would no longer have complains regarding low audience engagement and dwindling power of Emails.

Email is better than social media marketing

Social networking sites are used by 70% of the population whereas Email is used by 90% people. Isn’t that enough proof that Emails are certainly not obsolete? Many businesses spam the news feed of people through sponsored ads of their Facebook page. These promotional strategies often backfire. People would end up clicking the “Unfollow” or “Unlike” button of your page. On the other hand, Emails give companies a chance to provide meaningful content to the customers. Content is the king when it comes to digital marketing and if you are good with words, you are sure to build lasting relationships with your Email subscribers even without any personal communication.

Email Marketing is certainly not fading away. In fact, there are customers who plan their shopping after going through an Email newsletter. Not every promotional Email gets deleted or moved to spam. Brand loyalty is built through effective Emails that are written with a personal touch and this fact can definitely not be overlooked.

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