Is The Digital Fixation Turning Entrepreneurs Looney?

In the earlier days, when one talked about digital media, it was mainly related to television and radio. With the gradual advent of internet and gadgets which has brought the whole world at our fingertips, the concept of digital media has undergone a sea change. With all sorts of information just a tap away, people these days are exposed to instant information.

Digital media addiction

Of course, this does have a lot of benefits as finding the right information at the right time is made easy. However, if the studies are to be believed, the digital media has also had an adverse effect on the creative thinking and analyzing powers of entrepreneurs.

In the early days, memorizing facts and storing them away in the recesses of the mind was what the entrepreneurs did. However, now with information being just a tap away, the modern day businessmen hardly make an effort to remember things or jot them down. They know that they can easily retrieve the required data anytime they feel the need for it.

Also, in the good old days when digital media was a distant dream, the entrepreneurs researched various books and files to come up with feasible ideas to improve their business. But, in the modern times, with digital gadgets ruling the roost, conducting widespread research is mostly confined to tapping away on the laptop and looking for information online. With ready made information being provided by most websites, entrepreneurs hardly tickle their thought cells to think differently or come up with other novel ideas.

Recently, a survey was conducted where a group of scientists conducted a test on 300 odd people. Half of these people were assigned to read a short story from a gadget whereas the other half were given hard copies of the same. After everyone has completed reading the story, a test was conducted to find out how much of the information was retained by their brains. What came to the fore after the test was surprising. The people who read from the gadgets were quite well versed with specific information but were not sure of the abstract details. On the other hand, people who read from the paper had grasped all the creative details better.

What this test proved was that people who read from digital media and gathered information using the same are less likely to focus on the creative details of any given data. Though they may be able to recall all the specific details, this may not come in handy when they are tested for other abstract details. This proves that digital media does have an adverse effect on the creative thinking and analyzing skills of the entrepreneurs.

Over the years, many tests have been conducted which prove that extensive use of digital gadgets by people can not only hinder their thinking abilities and their creativity, but can also interrupt with their sleep patterns, thereby increasing their stress levels.

Thus, if experts are to be believed, though digital media is a boon for the modern generation, depending completely on the same can actually turn them looney. What is needed is to make use of these gadgets in moderation and give some work to the grey cells too.

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