How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel

Did you know that there are over a billion users who watch millions of hours’ worth of YouTube videos every day! All highly engaged – they like / dislike, comment & share as well. The other day the editorial team at ThugStart asked me to write about creating a successful YouTube Channel. No wonder, we have seen number of YouTube celebrities and they are just like you and me! Not to forget that they are making a killing at YouTube – millions of dollars and huge fan followings!

Coming to the point – you as a wantrepreneur really don’t need a superstar status for your business to benefit from the strategic use of YouTube!

Many people like to consume content in form of a video – they want to see things happening! It’s easier for them to relate to things – they get to know you, like you and ultimately trust you as well. When they like/trust – they share your YouTube Video as well.

Below is an inforgraphic by our friends at WeAreTop10 that answers the million-dollar question – How to create a successful YouTube Channel. Go ahead and turn your dreams into reality. Become a YouTube superstar and feel free to thank me when you get famous.

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