Creating a Brand? Strive To be UNIQUE

Branding is done with innovation, vision and focus on what the end consumer wants. A great brand does not happen in a day’s work.

As far as creating a business and achieving success with it is concerned, the best thing you can do is to make a wise plan and stick to it. If you have a great plan, it is sure to generate revenue and become a successful brand in future. For most entrepreneurs, creating such an idea is quite easy, but the actual execution comes as a challenge for them. Once you create an idea, make sure that it is unique and effective enough to take your business to success. Also create a strategy to incorporate it into your business, and plan how you and your team will execute and stick to it.


Even if you are entering an industry dominated by popular million dollar corporations, you can achieve success if you enter with a unique strategy, something that even most popular brands do not offer. For instance, if you are starting a footwear company, create a shoe that has something unique to it, such as moisture wicking material, shockers to absorb jerk, anti-odor inner or anything else that most shoe companies do not have. Your unique feature can become your asset, making you stand out from your competitors and attract interested customers. Although a startup company may not have all the resources that their competitors have, they can create their own unique brand by sticking to what they are best at. While established brands have to handle an entire range of product lines, small startups can make something unique by focusing on what their customers expect and what other companies in the industry don’t provide.

A few examples

Here are a few examples in which companies became exclusive brands by focusing on their best traits:

  • Early in the 21st century, became one of the first companies to provide cloud-based content management and file sharing services to its clients. While Amazon and Google were already offering similar services, focused on their exclusive services only, and it is still one of the very few companies that provide these services.
  • Bonobos started making pants that gave perfect fittings to people all around. Once they have mastered in making and selling the pants that satisfied their customers, they became one of the most trusted brands in the market.

Definition of a GOOD IDEA

A good idea is the one that you and your team members can execute with uttermost dedication and motivation. Your customers should be aware of your uniqueness, and approach you whenever they need something in your niche. Create an objective of your business and train all your employees to use it as their guiding light. Your unique quality should translate to your customers and let them believe it to be a crucial part of their life. For instance, an odor sucking shoe will be an ultimate necessity for a person whose feet smell.

The best idea is to know your target market and fulfill their demands and expectations. By doing this, you will earn customer loyalty and their trust.

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