Cheers!!!! Mixing the Business & the Booze -Confessions of Successful Entrepreneurs

Booze is not good for business …. A typical taboo that is now changing. Most of us are waiting for a weekend so eagerly for just one reason – Gathering for booze. We spend our Friday evenings and even Saturdays venting out our stress and worries over a glass of our favorite Johnnie Walker sip.

The beauty of an alcohol is that it makes it easy for people to become friends. People like partnering with, investing in, however, you clearly don’t need alcohol to make friends, but it helps to set the tone.

– Mr. Ben, managing partner at Dominate Fund

I reached out to my handful of entrepreneur friends to share few stories of their camaraderie built over booze n cocktails. So, today, let’s flip the script and bring boozes n cocktails to the center stage and know how alcohol/cocktails has changed the way it has been perceived, and provided  reasons beyond typical get together.

Beer and chat

The companies have taken their get-together to a new level where they meet up to indulge in their weekly ritual called “Beer and chat”. This not only helps to develop a good bonding with the fellow mates over drinks, but entrepreneurs have found that there has been an openness towards new ideas, marketing strategies over a nice happy pint.

Clients n Cocktails

Clients n Cocktails

Meeting clients over few cocktails is a more relaxed way of doing business. Startup Entrepreneurs now a day prefer meeting for a drink/cocktails than meeting in a boring conference room. It gives boost to your meetings, and finally gets to initiate the long pending discussions/decisions with your clients. While enjoying some scotch and cigars, you are able to peak their interest and turn tables of the dealings to your side.

Sharing Your Booze With The “BOSS”

booze boss

One of my entrepreneur friends shared this mindset with me, which intrigued me to pen down his thought here….My friend who is a CEO of a company here was searching for COO for his company. He and his partner had 3 incredible resumes and pretty significant ones in front of them making the choosing tough; as only one of them could drink – Their mindset was, is if you can’t drink or 2 with someone at the end of the day how are you passionately going to work with them??? It was some thought that made sense which requires a good bonding and males obviously are good at bonding over drinks. – Point to be noted.

It’s That Golden Liquid Which Does The Magic


Often we entrepreneurs are not at the best while presenting the presentations, dealings, meetings and what not. Networking professionally at times really need a lot of confidence especially the startup entrepreneurs and believe it, the guys sitting at the opposite end are amazingly good at smelling your nervousness. Drinking a small dose of a “golden liquid” makes you fairly confident and many startup entrepreneurs have learned to summon that courage.

It’s More Than Building a Business over a Glass of Wine….It’s not that if you are not drinking you can’t do business, but like earlier said it lets you set the tone. It offers amazing bonding that usual board meetings and client meetings in your office lacks. You are not just getting an order or 2 or handful of projects for business, but you are building a long term work relationship over cocktails for your business. It helps you create a friendly environment whether you are enjoying drinks with your fellow mates or with clients.

Today, there lots of networking events witnessed and encouraged where cocktails and drinks had been main attraction. When discussed with several networking experts and startup entrepreneurs, about their best marketing strategies to use for networking; just one reply in common – Cocktail Parties n Events

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