Here is How You Can STEER your Business like M S Dhoni

The cricket fever has gripped the world at large. The semi finals has seen the rise of two very capable teams storm their way to the finals. England and West Indies are raring to go, and we wish them well.

It is however, the present Indian cricket team captain who is definitely a chip off the block. Some of his amazing traits like impeccable leadership qualities, facing pressure situations calmly and instant decision making is what has steered team India to win many a prestigious tournaments.

If truth be told, embracing the traits that M S Dhoni possesses can help you not only to excel in every challenge of your life, including your business. Let the thugs get some inspiration from Dhoni.

Here’s what we can learn from the captain of Team India in the International Cricket.


He Leads By Example

There is no denying the fact that there could not be a better leader than MS Dhoni. The way he has led his team towards many a successes is really commendable. His logic is very simple. He leads by example. The traits he displays is what reflects in his team. As an entrepreneur, if you want to lead your team towards success, what you need to do first is to become an efficient leader. Your team is most likely to emulate you. Display some positive traits like hard work, perseverance, focus etc and your co-workers are sure to follow suit. It is only when all the team members work in tandem that you can achieve the predetermined goals.

He stands like a rock!

According to experts, what makes Dhoni tick is that he never gives into pressure situations. He faces dire circumstances with the coolest of attitude. You would never find him perplexed or indecisive in any given difficult situation. Many a times, you might have to face pressure and stress in your work life. Letting these get to you can be really catastrophic. What you need to do is to stay calm and think clearly. After all, as a leader you can direct your team effectively only by getting a hold on your nerves.


He is always geared up

One look at Dhoni and you would realize that he has everything planned out in his mind. He seems to have all things sorted and knows what to do in the worst case scenarios. While leading a business you may also have to face some difficult situations and challenges. What you need is a backup plan in case a decision backfires or does not work out. By preparing for the inevitable you are actually easing out the stress that would otherwise be apparent on you and your team.

He inspires like a magic

The previous two matches has seen the captain take onus to keep his team motivated. Not every day may be a good day for your team. However, don’t let this deter them from their path of achieving the goals. Instead, encourage them to put in their best and instill motivation. After all, this is how Mahendra Singh Dhoni encourages his team members to bounce back after a defeat.


Holds His Ground

MSD is always grounded. Absolutely. There would be victories and then there would be losses. As a business leader what you need to do is to neither get too excited when you excel nor get depressed when things don’t work out. Your attitude is sure to brush over your team and lead them to hone their focus. So, make sure that you stay grounded in every situation.

Always Credits His Team First

His team always comes first. Dhoni has earned the respect of his team members as well as the entire nation on the whole just because he has no qualms attributing credit to his team first. He prefers to bask in the glory of victory along with his team mates rather than himself. Giving the credit where it truly belongs is what will make your team believe in you more and encourage them to put in more efforts.

These traits have helped Dhoni to become the most banked upon captain with spectacular win record. They can help you too to steer your business to newer heights.

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