Bye Bye Coding – 10 Easy DIY Website Builders

These days, staying self-sufficient is a must with online businesses. Time has not come to stop relying on the lazy resources who do not deliver UI as expected. Surfing websites daily on Internet is what we all generally do these days to seek information, products, services, news headlines, contacts etc. Many of us also write for various blogs and websites. Thus, we are connected to internet by one way or the other.

Website – The most important aspect for the businesses in today’s world

A great looking website changes the way world sees your business. How about an idea to build your own website and be a part of this informative world? It isn’t that difficult as you think it would be. If you have an out of the box idea in your brain, you can have it on the pages of your website very easily.

You can either hire a programmer to create a website or you can do it yourself. All it takes is slightest knowledge of computer and technology.

These days it is very simple to develop a website. There are many website-building services available in the market. These are practically on DIY mode.

Here are 10 of the best website builders



One-fifth of the websites are built with WordPress. It is an open-source platform and provides a large number of templates and themes for website building. Plugins can be downloaded for free or they can be bought for the best price.

WordPress offers a good level of customization. All you need is to invest a little time on building your website.



Weebly is best for those who love template-based website builders. It offers drag and drop feature to build your website neatly. Weebly can be used by all, novice to an advanced designer.

One of the best features is that it permits you to download the website as a ZIP file. This is helpful if you want to shift the site to a standard web-hosting



GoDaddy is one of the most popular website builders and is known for its inexpensive domain registration and site hosting. The online website builder’s accounts that it provides to the users are easy to use and stylish. The website building tools are to-the-point and concise.  Even if you do not have much knowledge about website building, you can easily develop one here.



Wix is known for its simplicity without compromising on the possibilities. It is a free website builder. If you opt for a free account, your website will be hosted with their sub domains whereas the paid accounts offer you something more, i.e a customized URL.



Shopify is an ecommerce solution which is powering over 200,000 online shops. It is regarded as the best online shop builder currently available in the market.

With 24/7 availability and top-performing support system, Shopify provides all types of tools to meet the needs of your website. It provides over 100 premium templates. Everything connected with the e-commerce section is taken care of by Shopify.



The specialty of SquareSpace is its responsive and visually stimulating templates. You do not have to worry about developing the mobile site because it automatically generates one from the site you create for desktop browsers.

SquareSpace gives you many styling options to modify your website design easily.

Although it does not offer a free account, the paid accounts are not very high-priced and at the same time you get 24/7 customer support



Jimdo is a website builder with number of site customization options and good mobile support in a reasonable price. It gives you enough tools to build a functional website.

It is also e-commerce oriented and has good eCommerce features.



BigCommerce gives you the e-commerce tools you can utilise to build an online shop. It offers you to create a fully integrated and synchronized online store on various social channels to assist you and grow your sales.

The templates are very mobile friendly.

IM Creator










If you want to have a quick launch of your website without spending much time in designing and preparing, you should opt for IM Creator. It offers pre-populated templates with sample contents that you can replace with your own content and quickly publish your website.

The websites are mobile ready. The customer support responds within 12 hours.



LightCMS offers its customers 100 different templates to choose from. It gives a basic set of CMS as well as eCommerce tools. This builder allows you to easily edit and add the content while browsing the pages instead of featuring a dashboard editor.

If you are thinking of building a website on your own, the possibilities are endless. Go through these website builders and come up with your innovative creation.

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