Businesses Love Valentine’s Day, but is your Business ready for it?

Oh, the month of love is here, and the lovebirds will soon be out of their nests to show their love for each other by showering gifts and making reservations at places that probably would empty their wallets. While some might appreciate the day, others might simply detest it. Once a holiday in the western countries has now become a day for celebrations across the world. Countries like China have also embraced it which has made the day even more popular everywhere.

While the day for some might be to express their love, it surely paints a different picture for several businesses. Whether you are a big giant like Hallmark or just the florist around the corner, everyone is getting geared up for Valentine’s Day. Love may be a matter of the heart, but it is even more important to the businesses that almost live on it.

Each year the expected spending goes on increasing, where people are willing to spend their earnings on gifts and experiences just to please their dear ones. Interestingly, the day is not just for the lovers, but family members, children, friends, teachers, and classmates are also all set for the day. So, while love is in the air and people are making their plans, are you as the business prepared to cater to this special occasion? If not, then you should be because this is one the opportunities to increase your revenue. So, without wasting much time let’s take a look at things that you can incorporate so as to be well prepared for the most coveted Valentine’s Day.


If you are in the business of chocolates or flowers, then marketing shouldn’t be a big deal for you but if you are selling something like cars, electronics, housewares, or things that are not commonly associated with the feeling of love and romance, then you will need to work hard. Just because a car or a laptop is not considered traditionally romantic, does not mean you can’t take advantage of the day to run some ads and make some sale.

Putting up an ad for housewares might seem ridiculous, but if you draft it perfectly then you sure can make it a success. Getting that perfect jar which your wife mentioned over at dinner can definitely be the Valentine’s Day gift for her. Set up a section especially for Valentine’s Day that will not only be eye-catching but will offer a variety of things for the day. Make sure your website is up-to-date with your marketing plan and conveys the same message as your store.

Think about sending out coupons and offering discounts that will attract your customers. Keep your ads generic that appeal to a broader demographic and make your promotional ad worth the second look. Plan well in advance, a month before the day or even two months in advance, depending on how big your business is will make sure things are executed properly. While customers can live by making purchases at the last minute, you as the business cannot indulge into that.

Stock up on Goods

Just because you had a handful of customers two weeks before the day does not mean you can relax with limited stock. No one will come to you on a day after Valentine’s Day to buy the gift if you ask them to come later since you are out of stock. So, make sure you have enough goods and probably even some extra from two days before the day because people very rarely shop in advance for Valentine’s Day, unlike Diwali and Christmas.

Make necessary adjustments to the store and website to be more Valentine’s friendly. Remember, there will be some cases of exchanges and faulty products which should not hamper the regular sale. So, analyze your past year sales and come up with the number of goods that will not result in sending any customer back since it was not available with you.

Stock up on Staff

While you might be ready with some extra goods, you might also want to be prepared for some extra people to take care of the rush on the Valentine’s Day. Spending more on people will enable you to fulfill more orders and take care of more number of customers in less amount of time with fewer mistakes. You definitely want your customers to leave your store happily and also give you repeat business, so making sure of a great service by having extra staff will always work in your favor.

Especially if you are in the business of flowers, patisserie, and edibles, you can only work on the deliveries on that particular day, no matter how early you had received the order, and thus extra staff makes the day sail smoother.

Promote Early-Birds

Of course, if you are delivering cakes or flowers you cannot make the shipments early, but you can always plan well in advance for the orders that came in early.  Thus, encourage early birds as it will help you manage the day efficiently. For other businesses, they can easily take advantage of early shipments, because it surely makes sense to get done with as many deliveries as possible so that you can manage the days and time closer to Valentine’s Day effectively.

Therefore, pull up your socks and get to work so that you can take the advantage of this profitable time of the year!

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