Business After Startup Phase – Are You Engaging Your Team Wisely?

To start a new business is really tough. From getting the right people to on board the team till bringing in revenue to brand awareness, everything is time taking, frustrating and trying. But once your new business gets beyond the initial start-up phase, there comes a new phase.

It is obvious that when the business starts expanding, so will the job responsibilities of the team. The business owner expects everyone to put in more efforts to grow the company. This may take reaching out untapped target populations, creating different products and services for new market and developing off shoots from the primary business line.

There is no denying the fact, that these ideas are good, but many business owners make serious errors while engaging their team mates in various entrepreneurial activities.

Know that each of your team members has a different personality

Some business leaders think that everyone in the team is an entrepreneur who will take initiatives across different work areas. If you lead an organization and have more than 2 or 3 team members, several types of team members are most likely to represent your organization. However, understand that not everyone in your company is an entrepreneur or wants to be. Invest time in knowing who has entrepreneurial skills and can perform better.

Learn how you can motivate your staff members
Majority of the start-up entrepreneurs think that everyone in the staff needs same kind of encouragement, which is very wrong. Every person has different skill set and a different working pattern and falls under different personality. Hence, each individual needs a different kind of motivation. If you don’t understand this, you are at the greater risk of misleading your team members.

Utilize every employee’s strength to the fullest
There are business owners who think that getting more and more number of employees in the project will do well. So untrue!! Rather, one should know the specific skill sets of the employees and know how to use the same in the said work. Getting people with required skill sets and putting them to work will prove more useful. Have a small team of great potential than a larger team that does not deliver. Get the best out of their experience and skills to the fullest, and your will business grow.

Don’t assume employees who think and act like entrepreneurs are meant to become one. There will be only frustration and zero productivity. Use your resources wisely. Yes, you need smart, intelligent people in growing business but don’t engage all of them into entrepreneurial activities. Figure out who are the skilled people to do the job and motivate accordingly. Be on track.

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