Brand New Facebook Sharing Option for Startup Marketers

Once you have launched your business and have all things in place, you need to market your wares. This has to be in such a way that maximum end users are made aware of what your enterprise is all about. In the modern age of digital revolution, marketing is not at all a difficult task. Social media networks fetch their appeal among widespread audience, keep adding new options to make sharing information easier.

FB sharing2

Facebook, one of the most popular social media platform has off late introduced some new sharing options, which are a dream come true for startup ventures to spread awareness about their brand and products.

‘Like’ Button

This has been around ever since Facebook has been in existence. However, now Facebook offers you a code which enables you to embed it into your website, making it possible to share your content with various other platforms. Other than the Like button, Facebook also offers option to integrate a Share option with the Like option, enabling users to share content with other people who they think might be interested in the content. Thus, using this option can actually enhance the chances of your content reaching more audience.

Quote Plugin

When a specific part of your content particularly appeals to a reader, he may want to share it with others. However, this would mean sharing the whole content without specifying the particular part. Thanks to Facebook’s Quote Plugin, the readers can now highlight the part of the content that is interesting and share it as a quote on his or her page. The quote would of course be accompanied by the link to the whole content. Of course, in order for this to work, you would have to add a code to the content which is provided by Facebook.

Save Option

This is another option which can actually work wonders for your marketing strategies. Many a times, users may find your page or content enamoring but may not have enough time to go through it. Offering them an option to bookmark your content would ensure that they would come back to it at leisure. With the Save option from Facebook, this is now possible. The button not only allows the users to bookmark a page but also alerts them about these from time to time. You can easily configure this option to suit the needs and requirements of your website.

Messenger Send Option

With this option, users can share the content they like with their friends privately using the Messenger option offered by Facebook. This option enables users to choose the people with whom they would like to share content or information.

Share Button

As the name suggests, this option allows you to encourage the users to share your content with their friends and loved ones, thereby resulting in a chain of shared messages. This in turn will improve the visibility of your content and your website, making more people aware of your brand and thus working in favor of your marketing strategies.

These options if used with some planning can work strategically for your marketing plans and make more people aware of your venture. Other than the above, options like embedding videos and audio clips can also enhance the way your content looks. Facebook also offers you an option to ensure that your content is adaptable across all devices.


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