Ben Horowitz’s Video on Management Makes Complete Sense

Most times, management looks like a walk in the park – from a distance. Come close to the game and we realize that there is more to the skill than what’s explained in the books. Management, managing, manager – all these things point to only one thing – Getting Things DONE.

If you are running a cash strapped start up, the noose is tighter on the entire team. If you are a solo flyer, you do that balancing act. And if your start up is already a success with excellent profit margins, you find yourself sitting on the edge of the seat asking an important question to yourself every single day – How do i manage BETTER?

Managing people is a surreal combination of art and science. We tend to study those who we manage. Our behavioral pattern with every single team member varies for the very reason – we are not managing an enterprise full of robots, these are people.

You are not the only one whom your decisions impact. Ben Horowitz, founder of Andreessen Horowitz and Opsware, discusses this important management perspective that founders miss, with, of course, the gratuitous rap lyric or two sprinkled in.

Watch the idea and upgrade as much.

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