Are You Making Killer Use of The GRAM?

Making optimal use of Gram proves worthy to your business

With the social media rage on the rise, companies around the world are focusing on marketing their business on these platforms. Instagram is one such social media website that is becoming extremely popular in the corporate world for advertising and marketing purposes.

With focus being completely on photographs and catchy one liners, marketing on this network seems to be going to stick around for a long time now. Here are some pointers as to how you can use this social media platform to promote your wares, drive traffic and generate leads.

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Doing it with a Contest

Holding a contest on Instagram is one of the best ways to attract more traffic to your website. This idea actually gives you a chance to display your products or services to your prospective customers, which in turn can get you more leads. Also, the idea of winning a contest is all the more promising for the visitors which drives in more traffic to your website. Experts believe that this is a great way to ensure that more people visit your company website.

All you need to do is to announce a contest with some catchy slogan and an attractive picture and Instagram and promise a prize to the winner. It would be a good idea if the contest is related to the products of your company. This would mean that the people who visit the site would have to do some research which can actually get them interested in your company and what you have to offer.

Say it with the Insta Videos

Instagram is not just about pictures and still photographs. It also offers an option to shoot videos. There is a time frame of about 15 seconds for these videos, but this is more than enough to grab the attention of the prospective customers. Since people these days don’t generally have the time or patience to read through lengthy content, videos are definitely a better choice. These express more within a given time period resulting in more leads and better chances of conversion into sales.


Go the Instagram Ads Way

With the help of Instagram ads, it is easier to showcase the qualities and the right way of using your products. These ads are extremely easy to create and offer better comprehensive information to the prospective customers when compared to other marketing strategies. The best part is that once you create these ads, you can share them across different platforms. This means, the ad can be seen by people who are not the regular followers of Instagram.


More Traffic with Attractive Images

Since Instagram is more of a picture sharing network, what really attracts more traffic is good quality pictures that have been clicked with finesse. It has been noted that companies that upload high resolution images with enough details are capable of generating more traffic and making more sales. Thus, the quality and attractiveness of the images definitely matters.

With the popularity of Instagram, a lot of business owners have been trying their hands at marketing using this platform. However, lack of a proper plan and random posting of low quality images does not work for them.

If you really want to draw more traffic and gain more leads from Instagram, the first thing that you need is high quality images. You also need to tweak your creativity and come up with ideas like contests, videos etc to attract more audience. Without a well planned strategy, there is no way you can use Instagram, or for that matter any social media website in an effective way for your business.

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