Are you going online – Here is the word of caution!

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” – Bill Gates

Being an entrepreneur is as difficult as spelling it, but once you master the art, nobody could stop you! The journey from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur has now become easy with readily available resources and online platform to reach out to large share of population as just one click. Young entrepreneurs are all using internet as strong platform to kick start their business. They come up with websites, e-commerce portals, social media profiles and many such tried and tested means to get instant visibility worldwide. With unlimited options, going online is just the matter of few clicks, but sometimes entrepreneurs miss out on some crucial areas while doing this and result is negative publicity that causes more harm than benefit.

Here are few points of caution before going online so that your moves work in your favor and not against you.

  • Positioning your brand amongst the right set of people

Positioning is one of the 3 Ps of marketing which many of the budding entrepreneurs may have learnt as a part of their formal education. While going online too you would be required to position your brand correctly else it will lose the charm. If you are having products and services for manufacturing units then getting a bubbly website with designer motifs won’t help. Go for an industrial look. The social media profile should also talk about the developments in the industry and not about life hacks or how the weather outside is! In short, make your online presence speak for you by projecting the way you want people to perceive.

  • Get ready to face the traffic

Going online means increased traffic on website, phone and also to your showroom or office. You will require more workforce to handle this increased traffic. Sometime back, the renowned online portal Flipkart came up with Big Billion Day sale that drew lot of web traffic and enormous orders but still the result went negative as that portal was not ready to face such a huge traffic. Next day the portal was in news but not because of massive success of its campaign but because of its inability to serve the demand. News channels changes its name to Flopkart from Flipkart, but this was the learning for this e-commerce giant and it again rolled the similar campaign after correcting the flaws to regain its popularity and it really worked! Next time you go online, be prepared to face the traffic.

  • It comes with the responsibility

Once you go online, you are reaching out to big set of population at one go, which brings instant popularity but at the same time it comes with lots of responsibility too. You cannot just put up anything on your website or on your social media page as everything would be viral in just few seconds. Rectification of error becomes quite difficult when it is made online. Make sure that you double check the content before it goes online to avoid such situation. Going online comes with a responsibility!

Going online is inevitable, but mistakes are inevitable! Go cautious, go safe!

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