Appreciate your Present; the Building Block of your Future

In the present today, somebody has a bike, someone owns a car and some can afford only bicycles. The bicycle person craves for having a motorcycle; the one who owns a bike demands a car, and a small car holder dreams of a Mercedes. A huge population in the world can be counted among these dreamers who do not seem to be happy with what they have forthwith. But one does not realize the huge difference between a dream and a desire. Imagining your future and working on it gets you to success. But the regret for something that you do not have in the present makes you fail at some or the other point in life. One who cannot appreciate things that belong to him today can never appreciate anything he will gain tomorrow.

However, appreciating your present defines respecting what you have now. Let us understand how to appreciate things you have:

Gratefulness makes us happy

The term gratitude has a great importance to your happiness and success. Being grateful for something that you have will make you happy. We know, our success is always defined by the hard work we do today. The hard work we do today has an involvement of all the assets we hold in the present. If I am writing this article using my laptop, it is my laptop that makes me work in my present to fetch me success in future. And this is why I have a sign of respect to my own laptop. Maybe tomorrow I purchase a better one, but the respect of the existing one is huge because it is the only asset that takes me to the next step of buying a new one! Thus, be grateful for what you have, and success shall be all yours.

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Move to your local outcast shelters

Think of the people who do not even have what you have. You will realise how fortunate enough you are. The homeless work hard alike you do. But still, they haven’t been lucky enough to have a shelter like you. Look at the kids who are born and brought up on the roads; the moment would appear really a heart-breaking one. Do contribute your time to thinking and looking the needy. You will see smiles on their faces. When they can smile being homeless, then why can’t you?

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Live your present

The reason why we feel unhappy is that we tend to stop paying attention to the miracles happening. We tend to forget the beauty of our life and thank God for the same. Live the present and enjoy your moment. The present will never come back again. If one is 20 years old today enjoying with college friends, there is no college later on. If you are a mother of 2 kids, it is just today that you have to serve your children, later on, when they go out, you would miss them. These reasons make our present feel like gold. It never comes back. Thus, live it to the fullest.

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Never compare

Comparing has become one of the primary reasons to why people do not appreciate the present. They do not look for what they have. They look for what they have which they don’t. But have you thought what sadness the other might have which you do not? Yes, here’s the different. People have different challenges in life. Each one has to go through hardships. Suppose, you look at a rich person and say ‘he is so rich, but I am not,’ it is here where one goes wrong. Give a look to the difficulties he might have faced to get up to this level. It is all about working happily and accepting the challenges, and one definitely wins. Comparing with your own self is good. Think of being better than what you were yesterday. Every night before going to bed, introspect yourself and analyse ‘was I better than what I was yesterday?’ This is how one should go about appreciating the present.

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Take your life upwards rather than downsizing it

One should always think of the long term of life. Buy a simple home. Have a simplistic car. Save for your future. Make savings for your retirement. This is how you upsize your life. Buying expensive things beyond your reach just to show off makes you downsize your own life. You do not stay real to what you truly are. Making plans according to your affordability makes you go better in life.

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Final word

Ask yourself questions about your life. A negative question will fetch you with a negative answer. Asking yourself about what you do not have, will make you give a negative answer. On the same verge, asking yourself about what I have in life will get you give an affirmative answer. One has to stay positive to appreciate the present. Success is made up of the present. Enjoying your present means appreciating your success. Never look upon what others and doing and just enjoy your life with all that you have. Happy living!

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