America’s Best Small Companies That Are Raring to Go

Industry experts have created this list of best small companies in America ready to meet new heights of success. For these companies, success does not come solely in terms of finance, but also in terms of what they are doing, how great their workplaces are, their contributions towards the community, and their customer service as well. All the small businesses included in the list are closely held and privately owned, and have maintained their financial status for over a decade by having steady profits, sturdy balance sheet and strong business model.  Let’s have a look.



Based in Zeeland, Michigan, this $90 million company is dedicated to manufacturing lighting, power distribution and applied metals products for retail lighting, automotive and office furniture industries. As of now, the company owns over 20 US patents, and is operational in US, China, Mexico and Europe.



Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Afterburner is a 20 years old company involved in the business services and supplier industry. With just 21 employees on its payroll and being founded by a former pilot in Air Force, it specializes in defining and executing business strategies to the clients with a military based approach.

Balsam Brands

balsam brands

Based in California, this company started in around 2006 by opening a store in Stanford Mall. Starting with only 5000 Christmas trees, the company grossed $3 million within one month. In addition to trees, the company also deals in wreaths, ornaments and garlands for Christmas.

Quality Bicycle Products


Passionate cyclists Mary Henrickson and Steve Flagg founded this company in 1981 with an aim to deliver rare parts of mountain bikes to local bike stores. Today, it has become one of the biggest wholesale distributors of bike parts in the country, including bicycle accessories, bike racks, helmets, crank sets, ball bearings etc.

Cue Ball Group

cue ball

Founded by Tony Jian in Boston, Massachusetts, Cue Ball Group is a 12 employees company basically aiming at giving 10% returns to the investors. The Warren Buffet buying and holding strategy employed by the company gives 100% returns to the investors, instead of giving them quickly.


redmond salt

Based in Heber City, Utah, the company was established in 1958 by Lamar and Mili Bosshardt brothers. Rhett Roberts made their reddish-hued salt as a premium product, claiming it to be a better salt at the dinner table. The company does not have any titles, and 10% of the net income of the firm is distributed among its 320 employees.

Fresno First Bank


This $12 million banking company was founded by Steve Miller in 2005. Since then, it aims at providing banking services to small businesses. Instead of opening several branches all across the country, it has remained operational in its single location in Fresno, California.


Founded in 2003 by Todd Miller, was the first restaurant and grocery delivery service provider that allowed its customers to track their orders in real-time. Without any outside investments and incurring debts, the company has managed to earn every time, and put it back into the business.

Torch Technologies


This one is an employee-owned company providing engineering services to the US Army, including missile systems simulation and modeling. As far as their headquarters are concerned, it has renovated a number of decaying buildings to use them.

Other players in the US market include Abt Electronics, Air Force One, Bi-Rite Market, Big Ass Fans, ENT Institute,, New Belgium Brewing, Radio Flyer, West Paw Design, Tasty Catering and many more. Not all these companies may be as big as their competitors, but they are great in terms of their contributions to the society.

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