Amazon’s New Video Service Proves a Direct Threat to YouTube

Videos are considered to be one of the best ways to connect with audience and make them take note of the latest developments. YouTube, the popular video hosting site is a hot favorite with the tech savvy generation, what with its wide range of videos and the provision for users to upload their videos.

The latest buzz is that the e-commerce giant, Amazon too has joined the video hosting bandwagon. Amazon has come up with a new service, called as Video Direct. Any person who has an Amazon account would be able to upload videos to the site. This could be anything from product related videos to other marketing videos.

The video service supports ads, which is definitely an added benefit for the uploaders. However, the company has laid down few conditions as to the kind of videos that should be uploaded. Amazon is extremely particular that all the videos uploaded to the site should have an HD resolution. The company also states that every video should have a closed caption, making it easy for even the hearing disabilities to understand.

amazon prime video

The best part of this service is that the person uploading the video can choose whether he wants the video to be free for all to view or under a subscription.

There is also a provision of Amazon called Prime Video that expects the viewers to pay an annual fee of $99 to view various videos that are uploaded on the site. It is believed the users who create videos especially to be showcased on Prime would be paid a nominal fee, quite on the same lines as what is paid to people who publish their eBooks on Amazon.

With this new addition, Amazon is trying to change its image from that of a full on retail house to a multimedia giant that offers not only electronic goods, books, household items, computer accessories etc but also movies and television series.

A lot of renowned companies have joined hands with Amazon to showcase their videos on the new video service. These include Mattel, Mashble, The Guardian and Conde’ Nast. Amazon has also joined hands with Epix, NetFlix and HBO to offer them rights for streaming their exclusive videos.

Will Amazon’s new move hinder the business of YouTube? If sources are to be believed, Amazon’s idea is definitely a good one and does pose a potential threat to YouTube. YouTube is an established service and ousting the player with such a gamut from the pinnacle is definitely an uphill journey.

Amazon is trying to win more viewers and subscribers by offering them free video services. They are currently advertising their Prime service by offering a fee for the videos uploaded there. However, how many people buy into this bargain, only time will tell.

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