Age’s a Number. These 20 People will Prove That

Some people succeed as child artists and then make something big even after growing up. However, not everyone is blessed with the same destiny. Age is not a hurdle for people who have perseverance and are determined to achieve their goals. If you think you are too old, think again – these legends should convey a simple message. Age is just a number!

Twenty great people who proved that age does not matter and made their dreams a reality in their 40’s


Abraham Lincoln, one of the finest presidents of USA

  1. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was 40 years old when he quit the House of Representatives to practice law. Seven years after that he joined the Republican Party that was found at that time itself and got elected as the President of U.S.A. after 4 years.

  1. Alan Rickman

Alan gave up his successful business of graphic designing when he was in his mid-20s to get into acting. He worked in theater for many years and finally got the role of Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

  1. Charles Darwin

Charles got his work published On the Origin of Species published at the age of 50 years of age. He had started off the studies at 21 and it finally paid off after around 3 decades.

alan rickman

Alan Rickman, known popularly for his character Hans Gruber in the Die Hard Franchise

  1. “Colonel” Harland Sanders

“Colonel” Harland Sanders had several strange jobs in his life. When he was 65, he attempted at a fried chicken restaurant for the first time. He began franchising Kentucky Fried Chicken by using the Social Security checks and made it a huge success.

  1. “Grandma” Moses

Embroidery was passion for Anna Moses. When she reached 78, her fingers could not be meticulous enough and she switched to painting. She became a renowned folk artist for her paintings on rural America.

  1. Henry Ford

Henry Ford was an engineer under Thomas Edison. He developed new ways to enhance the automobile at that time. After he reached 40 years of age, he started the Ford Motor Company and Model T was introduced after 5 years.

Henry Ford next to a 1921 Model-T

Henry Ford next to a 1921 Model-T

  1. Julia Child

Julia Child holds the credit for bringing French cuisine to American televisions. What is more interesting to know is the fact that she started eating French food after 36 years of age. Once she got to know every minute detail about the cuisine, she hosted The French Chef when she was 51.

  1. Jack Cover

Jack was an employee at NASA and IBM. He made use of all the scientific knowhow to develop a weapon that could prevent the people from doing something without causing any harm. Nowadays, police authorities worldwide use his Taser to suppress the guilty in a nonviolent way.

  1. Lee Ermey

At the age of 43 years old, Lee Ermey got casted as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket. He impressed Stanley Kubrick with the knowledge of life as a Marine and transcended to acting from being an advisor.

Martha Stewart became globally famous for her cooking in her 40's

Martha Stewart became globally famous for her cooking in her 40’s

  1. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart was a caterer before she got into writing recipe books and articles on domestic living after she reached 40 years of age.

  1. Miguel de Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes is famed for Don Quixote. He worked in the Spanish Navy and kept switching jobs to make money while working on his books. He was 38 years old when his first book was published. His most famous work was published when he was 58.

  1. Momofuku Ando

After Japan got over the trauma of World War II, Momofuku developed instant ramen noodles to solve the hunger issues of poor fellowmen. He was 48 years old at that time and the noodles are the favorite among youngsters till date.

Having his big Mac and eating it too! Ray Kroc

Having his big Mac and eating it too! Ray Kroc

  1. Peter Mark Roget

Peter Mark Roget was very much inclined on lists and orderly language. In the year 1840 after retiring from work, he started working on a book that organized words and their definitions. He was 61 years old at that time and the first thesaurus was published after 12 years in 1852.

  1. Ray Kroc

Who is oblivious of “McDonald’s”? Well, no one!! The man behind the laurels of this brand is Ray Kroc. He worked as a pianist, a traveling salesman for a milkshake maker and changed many other jobs. Finally, when he reached 52 years of age, he came across the McDonalds brothers. He put forward the proposal that their food joint could earn a lot of fame across the globe. When he passed away in 1984, his vision had become almost a reality.

  1. Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman was 30 years old when he started in 1997. It was like the primitive form of Facebook. In 2002, he developed LinkedIn that made him a billionaire after a lot of hard work and dedication.

  1. Richard Adams

Richard worked as a British civil servant and at that time, he told a story about a rabbit to his 2 daughters. They persuaded him to write it down. He wrote it two years later and published Watership Down, a children’s literary classic.

Ronald Reagan shined in his 50 s as the President of United States

Ronald Reagan shined in his 50 s as the President of United States

  1. Ronald Reagan

When Ronald was 53 years old, he gave the first speech on “A Time for Choosing” for the 1964 election. He was a very talented actor and that helped him to be a reputed president of those times.

  1. Sam Walton

Sam Walton failed in running numerous stores. However, that did not deter him. He learned from the setbacks and opened the first Wal-mart when he was 44 years old. Needless to say, that made him incredibly rich and him, a retail legend.

  1. Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson is a renowned actor who was 46 years old when he acted as Jules Winnfield in the movie Pulp Fiction. It is surprising to know that he is the same person who had fought against drug addiction for 2 years before he got the first break in Jungle Fever in the year 1991.

  1. Tim and Nina Zagat

Tim Zagat and Nina Zagat were corporate lawyers. They made a list of good and bad local restaurants to expand it into their business. At the present, the Zagat list includes more than 70 cities.

Age is never a bar to chase your dreams. That’s what these famous personalities convey through their short yet inspiring biographies of life.


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