Affirmations for Your Business Success

Anchoring affirmations are the practice of bringing your goals into physical space. According to entrepreneur and author, Mike Michalowicz, this could help improve one’s productivity. A firm believer in the power of affirmations, he emphasises on the power of language and repeating key statements to oneself for those statements to manifest into reality. This might seem very idealistic, but Michalowicz explains how anchoring affirmations help you fulfil your goals.

How to Use Anchoring Affirmations to Complete Goals, as explained by Mike Michalowicz

1. Visual Visibility

The most important of your goals must be present in a visual form in your line of vision, always.

Michalowicz, for instance, has placed his single most important goal – the launch of Profit First, Revised and Expanded, on a shelf above his door.

Once your big goal has been accomplished, you can replace the same with your next big goal. Despite busy days, the visual reminder will help keep your most important goal in focus.

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2. Goals in Black and White

Writing your goals down in the classic black-and-white format is the most effective. A written record ensures that you don’t forget your goals and also makes it too tangible to ignore or procrastinate.

“In my case, I keep a typewriter (yes, a real, old-school typewriter) in my office with a typed list of my goals,” stated Michalowicz, adding, “They’re also visible to my colleagues, so there’s extra incentive to mark things off the list.”

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3. The Standing Desk

A growing trend in workplaces where one completes their job while standing at your desk, a standing desk is said to be a powerful anchor affirmation. Those who follow the same have reported having increased levels of productivity and efficiency.

As a bonus, those who do this have the added benefit of reducing health risks posed by sitting for an unhealthy stretch of time.

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4. The Likes of a Wine Display

Mike Michalowicz lines up wine bottles he receives from clients who have achieved success in their business. They serve as a constant reminder of the purpose of his job and double as a motivation for accomplishing his goals.

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5. Timely Reminders

Most people get so lost in their work that they forget to get up and move around. It has happened on many occasions that working for long hours without a flexing break can create monotone and hamper productivity. Simply set an alarm that can serve as a reminder to take a break, which will give you both a physical and mental break, bringing your goals back in focus.

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6. The Inspiration Wall

Sometimes, all you need is an inspiring quote to get the cogs of your brain running again. Michalowicz has reserved a wall in his office purely to keep put on display quotes that challenge him to work harder and better. Even the smallest things like this can give you the push you need to cross the edge that is your goal.

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7. Create Your Own!

Everyone is different, and react and respond differently to different stimuli. There is a high possibility that an anchor affirmation that you come up with will receive more response than all of the above put together.

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If you find doing so a little difficult, Mike Michalowicz suggests you start with picking a place you like to spend time in; it could be anything. Then select an object related to the goals you want to accomplish and place it in this space. Do you want to draw more often? Keep a sketchbook by your lamp. Do you want to develop a reading habit? Place the book you’d like to start with on your nightstand. The possibilities are endless, and to each, his own!

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