Advanced Twitter Search – Internet Rookies Have to Lean On

The face of lead generation on social media is undoubtedly on an evolving path. For the rookies in the world of internet, every single day is a learning experience.

The new advanced Twitter search takes the experience to a notch higher. If you want to be part of some expert conversations, tap the search feature of Twitter.

Here is how it works. Following these chats and being a part of them, you might soon become an expert too. Take a look at how to make use of Advanced Twitter Search.


Looking Out for the Best Conversations to Follow

One of the best ways to ensure that you are part of all the important conversations and forums related to your industry is to make the relevant searches using the advanced search option. All you need to do is type in the keywords and you would be presented with the list of all the conversations. Join the ones that seem to be the most interesting and relevant to you. The best thing about the advanced search option is that you can put in a number of filters to find the most relevant chats.


Watch Out for Hashtags to Connect

If you want to connect with other people and chat or converse with them or provide them with interesting anecdotes and information about your industry, the advanced twitter search option allows you to do that. Look up some of the most popular hashtags related to your industry. Using these hashtags, you can actually create an advanced search by tagging your industry name or quality to the popular hashtag. This will lead people who are looking for your industry information directly to you. This is a great way to connect with others and make your presence felt.


Connecting with Peers

As an entrepreneur, your network can really make a lot of difference to your business. However, quick and convenient networking is possible with advanced twitter search. With this you can follow all the experts and veterans of your industry and even connect with them. Type in the relevant keywords and then filter the results on the basis of people, date and other parameters. You will end up with a list of some of the most influential and successful industry peers. Connecting and conversing with them can push things ahead.

Stay with the News and in the News

Using the advanced twitter search option, you can easily keep an eye on the latest news and breaking news. All you need to do is, key in some important keywords and create a search query. This will keep you updated with all the latest news. You can quickly read the news and comment on it or even start a new thread. This will definitely gain you more influence in your industry sector as well as the social media platforms.

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Know your Customers

Unless you know what your customer wants, there is no way you can deliver the goods. If you really want to establish a long term relation with your customers, find out their needs and work on them. With the advanced twitter search option, look out for the tweets from your customers. You can easily find these by just keying in the relevant keywords or hashtags.

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Toning Down Searches Made Easy

Twitter is full of tweets and retweets. So, if you really want to make the most of your twitter experience, it is important that you put in some really good filters in your search. The advanced search actually gives you an option to add things that you wish to ignore completely. This could be anything from retweets to unnecessary comments. You can even adjust the settings such that only the most popular conversations and threads are displayed.

Twitter is the best social media network to gain some thought provoking insights from industry Gurus and experts. With its advanced search option you can actually become a master Twitter player and can look for the best conversations and create some of the best opportunities for your business.


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