8 Things To Do To Avoid a Rotten Sales Meeting

Sales are important for a startup. So it’s obvious that all your sales pitches speak and set the tone for what you are about to offer to the end customers and clients. More often, startup entrepreneurs tend to overlook the importance of good sales meetings. There is a great scope of positive interactions and outcomes during a healthy sales meeting.

The chances are also equally strong for a sales meeting to go ‘rotten’. This happens when you or your team is not well equipped or prepared to deal with sudden queries. How you present the idea matters greatly for a brighter start to the proceedings.

It sounds a bit obvious, but preventing a bad sales meeting is much more preferable to trying to mop up after one. A few prevention measures can go a long way.

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Here are a few tactics you can try to avoid that rotten sales meeting:

  1. Know your stuff
    Practice the presentation first and rehearse all meetings. Make sure any demo equipment works and that you know how to use it.
  2. Check everything
    Review the proposal and associated documents – make sure there are no mistakes or omissions.
  3. Research the participants
    Make sure you know who is coming and what they are going to say. Don’t get blindsided by a small detail you didn’t predict.
  4. Communicate
    Talk to everybody who is involved or that you are working with. Know where they stand and make sure they have the correct information. If you are really concerned about the process, make yourself the key contact and reroute all communication through you.
  5. Know your people
    If you are sending a colleague make sure you know their skill set and what they are good at! Choose the right person for the audience.
  6. Review presentations of others
    If you are sending someone else make sure you know what their presentation looks like – get them to rehearse in front of you, especially if you have never worked with them before.
  7. Have a safeguard
    If you are really not confident about the performance of a consultant or colleague send someone along with them such as a manager who can mitigate any problems if they do arise.
  8. Own the sale
    If it was your client and there was a stuff up, even if it was someone else involved, chances are it was your fault. So get in charge of the sales process and own it. Don’t let those mistakes happen.

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