7 Ways To Supercharge Your Business With Social Media

Why do you want to promote your campaign? A simple question when asked, a simplest reply you get – obviously to generate more leads, have more fan following, and to convert these into future customers. It is not enough to have a website or an app running, it’s like you are organizing a party, making flyers but if you don’t hand them out they are useless– you need to talk more about it “Virtually”.

The Real Deal Dude………..14 billion impressions and 95% positive net sentiments – Are you kidding me!!!

If not “Tweeted”, “Posted”, “Pinned”, or “Uploaded” it doesn’t exist. Designing a contest is not a big deal, but letting people know about it is harder. Being an entrepreneur I have been there done that……….tried and tested all sorts of tactics to ensure that my contests get desired limelight.  It would be really unfair if I would not share my insights in this post.

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Emails …emails and email- The rich resource of doing business


You thought I would be giving you some innovative advice huh!! What most of the entrepreneurs do is ignore the rule of email optimization. They just send out the usual newsletters, emails and offers to their customers of if-you-don’t-mind-types which most of the time land in SPAM folder or get ignored. Think beyond. Your customers are with you because they love hearing from you, and you don’t want to piss them off but keep coming back to you, adding more to your database. But how?

Tell your subscribers to forward the same in their network, or ask as a favor to join yours. All you have to do is create an easy for them and this is how the referral works. Offer them something in return for this which keeps them motivated.

Signing your email is a big deal

When discussing about emails, I have come across many emails those who are not signed well. This leaves a weak and bad impression. Your email signature speaks a lot about you and your business. Get it linked with your sign that allows tracking and analyzing how many times it is getting clicked.

Blogging the favorite “Kid” of Google


Google loves fresh blogging which is brimming with new ideas and awesome insights, tips, guidance etc. There are faithful fan following of yours that keep coming back to your website to read something new. So, give them “NEW” than just boring stuff.. than just making a money business. Blogging can generate excitement and can make a huge difference to your business.

Using cute POP-Ups

I recommend using pop-ups for your any new offer, services, launch etc to stop your visitors from leaving in haste. It is a human psychology; a person is always attracted to any dazzling opportunity so why not make one for your visitors.

Press Releases are not only for multi-million dollar company mergers


You got me right. Press releases are no more just a shining trinket of multi-million companies that make news. These days, entrepreneurs whether big or small publish press releases for anything that believes to make some news – be it is a product launch, some contest, new services, discount deals anything.

Publishing press release you are guaranteed to grab good many attention.

Make your Social Media post YUMMY

Boring social media post fail to generate interest let alone any business. Create a customized call to action tab for your offers or news that you are trying to gain attention. Link your landing page, include a hashtag and most importantly keep it short, sweet and interesting. Linking your blogs with your social media post will help you get real visitors.

Saying “Thank you” never hurts

thank you

A polite thank you always makes a good impression in letting your customers know that they are valued. This don’t give them a chance to forget about your business and helps in growing your subscriber list.

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