7 Things You Should Do To Cope With a Burn out

Yesterday, we had discussed 10 Symptoms That Will Convey That You Are Burning Out. The sooner you recognize the warning signs of burn out, the faster it would be to deal with the downfall. Do not panic once you know that you are in the middle and thick of things – stress happens to all of us and there are ways to deal with the same.

First things first. The most immediate thing that you should be doing is to distance yourself from work for a while. I know that this sounds ridiculous. Please understand that it is very important to act on the situation as soon as possible and the very first thing would be to take a break.


7 Things You Should Do To Cope With a Burnout

Cut All the Communication

“Houston, we really have a problem”. And the prime issue is staying connected with work related information – this could be in the form of mails, messaging and even phone calls. So, the first thing to do would be to cut off all the communication that interferes with your break. A break from work should literally mean the same. This means not staying in touch with anyone while you are trying to relax. Stop being available for a while.


Work on Your Body

Now is the time to pay close attention to what your body needs. Understand your body pains, research on the root cause of your anxiety. Work on the possible solutions. If your body is exhausted, it would surely need a reboot. Make sure to eat right and take plenty of rest where it matters. Consult a doctor in case of nagging pains, aches and mental conditions that do not feel normal.

Say no to Sleep Meds

If you were on sleep meds earlier, now would be an excellent time to wean off. Understand that your body will have to recover from being dependent on medications for better sleep. This is possible only when you take a fair chance and go on your own with the sleep pattern. A healthy sleep cycle is always better than the one that is induced with sedation. Allow your brain to get back to the natural clock and rhythm.


Make relaxation a part of the routine

No matter how well or worse your business is faring, make it important to plan a relaxation schedule every day. Play tennis for 30 minutes, read a book or work out in a gym. You can even plan a good body and head massage every once in a while to combat the building stress. You will be amazed at the kind of clarity that you would get post the session.

Concentrate on the break times

You should take frequent breaks while at work. Stop making excuses with piling deadline or swamped meetings. Make it a point to take a break whenever possible. Reflect on your thoughts and focus on your breathing. The small breaks that you take will actually benefit you rather than causing more harm.


Make a choice

If you are constantly burned out despite the frequent efforts and breaks, there could be only one reason – maybe you are not cut out for the mean game of business. Denying the same and pushing yourself will end up in a complete disaster. You have to make a choice right there. There is no shame in accepting the truth and looking for alternatives. If that doesn’t work, you will have to force yourself to cut down on the number of projects that are on the plate. No two ways about that.

Count on the loved ones

You have a problem, share it. If you feel that you are slowly sinking, it’s time to have a conversation with your partner or spouse or the family members. Maybe, they will give you a better perspective on things. If not, the amount of burden that comes off sharing is half the battle won.

If you want to be successful at your business, your health plays a vital role. Burning out will drag you down quickly. Identify the underlying issues and sort them out, before it’s too late!

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