6 Ways to Design a Perfect Customer-Centric SMS Marketing Campaign

The scope of SMS marketing extends beyond strategies written in books and despite being a traditional advertising avenue, SMS marketing is gaining prominence because it is purely customer centric. And for any business house, a customer is the most valuable asset.

With the help of advertising curators at One Sixty, we have rounded up 6 pointers that every business house must bear in mind while developing an excellent customer centric message that will earn your brand great credentials.

OneSixty Privacy

1. Value your customers privacy

Retaining existing clientele is critical for any business house, but protecting the identity and privacy of your client is equally important. Business houses must ensure that their relationship with customers and mobile subscribers is respected and information kept confidential, unless and until the customers have clearly stated otherwise. Alongside this, business houses must set up protocols that are stringent to an extent where hackers cant retrieve any confidential and customer sensitive information.

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2. Time it right

Another imperative point to bear in mind in SMS marketing is to time it right. Sending SMS to customers during morning hours or late evenings can derail the importance of your brand and leave them furious or uninterested. Given that most of them are working professional or busy otherwise, sending SMS’s during business hours is the most appropriate time to convey your message. Weekend messaging via SMS’s is suitable only for certain industries like restaurant or retail industry. As weekends are the time your customer’s are most likely in the mood to dine out or shop. They can benefit immensely with the offers proposed via SMS marketing. Alongside this, taking a cue from past data campaigns will help you ascertain the timings that are most suitable to customers.

overloading of SMS

3. Set triggers to avoid overloading of SMS

Just because your customers have agreed to receive messages about the latest deals, offers, and discounts, bombarding them with excessive marketing messages will only withdraw their attention and force them to exterminate your services. Setting a trigger will help you from overloading your customer’s inbox with marketing messages. Researchers have suggested that the ideal frequency of SMS marketing medium should be one to two SMS’s per week only. However, this information can vary depending upon the nature of business and the relationship of the client with the business house.

succinct sentences

4. Use short but succinct sentences

Every business firm loves to keep their customers thoroughly informed and in doing so, they send across SMSs that are lengthy and monotonous. For a successful SMS marketing campaign, business houses must craft content that is kept using the customer in mind. A well-written content with a slight touch of humor and light colored background will definitely raise eyebrows and garner the attention of your customers. The tone of the SMS must be professional, free of grammatical errors and abbreviations. SMS sent to customers must be succinct yet informative enough to indicate benefit in terms of value to your customer.

Make your content lucid

5. Make your content lucid

Sending SMSs that are concise and easy to decipher will boost the success of your SMS marketing campaign. No customer likes to read messages that are ambiguous and keeps them on tenterhooks. Using the right keywords in SMS marketing will help your customers understand the intention behind the message. For instance, if you would like certain customers to opt in a campaign or participate in activities held by your firm, then create a message with keywords that indicate the same.


6. Authorization to SMS

Whether you’re hosting a SMS marketing campaign or sending messages for administrational purposes, it is essential that you seek permission of your customers and clients before hand. Also, state the purpose, type of SMS and the frequency of SMS they can expect to receive from your end. Doing so will help your SMS campaign maintain a strategic distance from peeved customers, as they will be well informed about the SMSs in advance.

Using a SMS marketing channel can be challenging to attract the attention of customers because most people avoid reading promotional messages and some even delete them before reading it. But by crafting messages that deliver value to the targeted audience you’re just a step away from a successful SMS marketing campaign.

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