Five Ways to Improve Remote Team’s Performance

Many businesses today have more than one physical locations, and managing staff in all the branches is a challenge in itself. There are time zone differences too, along with lack of individual supervision and demotivated team members that you have to cope up with. But does that mean that having a single office location is better than having many branches?

Interestingly, most businesses these days run on remote team tasking. Since the work that has to be delivered can be done from any location, hiring remote team members has become very common. We can vouch for that especially with online businesses.

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Let us discuss 5 ways to improve remote team’s performance to the peak even while working far from each other.

  1. Give time frames to your remote teams

As you are not present with your team, they may feel ignorant towards completing tasks assigned. They may feel negligent towards their job, and feel free to work at their own convenient time. The better way to manage this is to allot a time frame to each allotted task. Whether willingly or unwillingly, your team members will become answerable to complete your project on time.

  1. Keep track of the projects assigned

Once you have assigned work and given them a deadline, it is important to keep track of the project’s progress as well. Keep in touch with your team, call them at least once in a day, and know the day’s progress. Also keep track of when your team members are coming and leaving, when they are going for lunch, and what they are doing while pretending to work. Don’t breathe down on their neck, though.

  1. Keep at par with the time zones

Setting the deadline is not enough; you will have to respect your team’s time zone as well. If all your teams operate from the same time zone, ask them to work together in conjunction with each other. But if they are in different countries, train them to do the tasks in cycles. Forcing your team to work in odd hours will hamper their productivity and your goodwill too. If it’s a conference call or a virtual meeting, try to choose a period when all workers will be working, whether it’s the first thing in the office or the last.

  1. Encourage your team members to have a good relationship

Team members who have good relationship between themselves will be able to work together and provide you results that are more efficient. Create a chat room, keep it open 24/7, and allow team members to interact on it. You can use HipChat, Slack and other such apps for the purpose too. Involve your team members in all important events and decisions about the company, and encourage them to interact with each other regarding different matters. With this, they will feel as a single union instead of being the employees of two different office locations.

  1. Be in touch all the time

Keeping communication lines open and sending clear, precise and easily understood messages to your team is very important to enhance their productivity. Video chatting apps like Hangouts and Skype can make things even better. With such tools, you can physically see each other and read their body language and facial expressions. At the end of every day, make sure that your team members update you with the work they did and any other important happenings at office.

With these tips, you can keep all your office locations in conjunction with each other, and maximize the performance and productivity of your team members. Now you will be able to manage your team better so that they remain productive and offer the best results.

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