5 Things You Must Stop Doing Now To Get Success

We all desire success, but the meaning of success will always be different for different people. Leading one of the top Fortune 500 companies might be a success for someone while making sure a small village in Africa gets clean water will be a triumph story for someone else. No matter what success you dream of, it is in your hands to determine what it truly means to you, and how are you going to bring that success in your life.

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However, even though working towards success is important, there will always be unforeseen hindrances in your way. While the struggle is just a part of the success, there might be some obstacles which are not related to any external forces but are due to your own habits and your own fear of failure. So here are 5 things that you must take control of and stop doing now so that you can achieve success.

1. Stop Procrastinating

If you have the habit of saying, “Not today, tomorrow”, then you must quit that now. Whether you are making a decision related to your work or personal life, don’t get lazy and push things away into future. If you really want something then putting things in motion and getting it done is the only way to move ahead. When you say “tomorrow”, it either means you are scared to do something or you are not really serious about it. So, if you truly want to lose some pounds then you must start your diet and exercise today.

2. Stop Saying Yes when you want to say No

Saying No is difficult and there is no easy way to do it, but it is important for each one of us to understand our own limits and act accordingly. You will always be tested to your limits and it is will be difficult to say no in certain situations, because we are social animals and we want others to like us. We want to be a part of groups and be felt special, but this emotion is often taken advantage of. It happens to so many of us that we end up working with a colleague when we already had our own pile of work, or lending money to a friend when you know you would never get it back.

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Humans dislike being in uncomfortable situations and that is what makes us say yes to unwanted things. So, learn how to refuse and say no when it is important. Sometimes it is good to be wise and think about you first and then others. You should know your boundaries and also make others know about them so that you aren’t taken for granted.

3. Stop being Negative

Do most of your sentences start with “I can’t” or “I don’t know how…”? If yes, then you must stop doing that. Each one of us has some sort of shortcomings but that does not mean you keep focusing on them. Don’t question your self-worth and abilities, because you can do anything and everything that you may like. Look at yourself with optimism, and look at things positively instead of focusing on things that are holding you back. There will always be some negative experiences and some positive, but the important thing here is that to keep your perspective positive and to not dwell into the negativities.

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4. Stop overworking yourself

There is a reason why there are a said number of work hours for any position. It is because we all are humans and we all get tired. Our bodies need sufficient amount of rest before they can be back to working at their best. But, if you are going to work overtime each day, then it will definitely take a toll on you someday. There have been researches which have proved that when people work 8 hours a day and 5 hours in a week, they are more productive than those who work 10 hours a day or 6 days in a week.

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Don’t skip your lunch for work or have your lunch at your desk so that you can work through it. Your mind needs rest just as much as your body needs it, so take that much deserved 30-minute lunch break to fill up yourself with some nourishment and to rejuvenate your mind so that you get back to work with more energy.

5. Stop living in your past

If you often wonder about situations where “what if” presents a different world to you, then you are simply fooling yourself. We all have those moments when we regret our decisions or question the way we acted. But the essence here is that it is long gone in the past and no one can change it. However, something that you can change and shape is your present and hence the future. So, take a lesson from the mistake that you regret and work upon it. Don’t delve into the past as it is only going to take you down.

These are very simple tips that we all must incorporate in our lives, which will not only make us successful in our lives but will also help us lead a better life!

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