5 Things That will Actually Work for Businesses in 2016

The business scene is changing and that too at a very high speed. What had worked a couple of months back seems to be outdated today. In this scenario, staying in sync and finding out what would benefit the businesses seems to be tough.


No need to sweat, actually. The trends have been subtly identified and seem to be already working as viable ideas. Here are five things that are bound to work for your business this year.

Segmentation of Content

This is something you really need to focus this year, if you want to grab the attention of your customers. Their short attention span when mingles with their love for suspense gives you a leeway in pushing them to pay more attention to you. So, no matter how earth shattering your content is, make sure you break it down into smaller episodes or segments and dish these out, one at a time. Since images and videos are the best way to communicate, using the same as your medium of communication would be a great idea. So, 2016 is the year to cash in on the high curiosity levels of the audience.

Tapping the Smart Wearables

What started with smartphones, phablets and tablets has now moved on to smart watches and what not. With people these days extremely keen on staying connected all day long, they have no qualms in investing into the smart wearables as well. The market for smart wearables is on steep rise and is believed to soar till after 2019. If you really want to get to the core of your audience, make sure that your marketing strategies include not only the internet and the mobile arena but smart wearables too.

Smartphone Marketing

Gone are the days when advertising on television, radio and newspaper was enough to generate revenue for your business. More and more people are getting hooked to their phones and using it for all sorts of research and transactions. Research has revealed that at the global level, close to 2.5 billion smartphone subscriptions are there today, which are believed to increase to 6.1 billion by 2019. It has also been seen that 75% of the mobile users use their phones to surf the net and buy things online. So, you seriously need to rethink your marketing strategies in 2016, as far as mobiles are concerned.

Automating the Marketing Chores

There are a number of things in the marketing arena that you are required to do day in and day out to stay in the league and make your presence felt. This could include email marketing, interactions on social media, keeping a tab of website transactions, monitoring website traffic etc. These are actually time consuming tasks and can eat into your precious time that could be otherwise used productively. What you need to do is automate these tasks. With 98% of business houses having adopted this method, you need to do this soon to stay at par with your competitors.

Transformation of Digital Needs

Did you know that shared databases and files is what makes quick and efficient working happen within teams? A lot of time which your team would otherwise waste on transferring files and communication is saved. Shared files also allow for more transparent operations that encourages a healthy environment in the organization. If you haven’t got this in place already, go ahead and do that today!

These are the five trends that seem to be catching up real fast and are sure to make a stellar difference for your business in 2016. Latch on to the Mantra – Stay Upgraded, Do More.

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