5 Superb Ways to Charge up Your Day!

Our lives as entrepreneurs only get busier day by day. It seems like everyone is running a race. Handling businesses is getting more and more daunting as competition in the market is forever increasing. In the midst of all this chaos, it is imperative to stay focused and invigorated so that your work remains unaffected. Now, is that even possible?

Let us look at some great ways to charge our day being entrepreneurs!! Seriously, even a Monday can feel like a Friday with these pointers.

Cold Shower

Begin the day with a cold shower for around a minute. It is said that cold shower activates Epinephrine, a neurotransmitter hormone released by adrenal glands that is said to help in fight or flight response. This hormone helps in preparing you for a long day at work.

Breathing Exercises

Inhale gently for 5 seconds through the nose and then breathe out through the mouth for 2 seconds. Do this exercise for five times, preferably at the start of the day. Breathing concomitantly decreases and increases the heart rate, keeping the spirits up.

Do NOT have power lunches

It has become a common observation that many people are unable to sleep during the night. As a result of insufficient sleep, the entire day goes restless. For such people, it is recommended that they should have small meals that would keep them energetic till the day ends. Having a scrumptious meal would make you feel dizzy and exhausted if you do not take a proper sleep at night. Eating more would make your body organs work more and that is why it is not advisable to have a power lunch, more so when you have heaps of work.

Avoid too much of coffee

Some professionals have a habit of drinking too much coffee while working. We think coffee helps to stay single-minded and vigilant at work. This is not true. It has been made clear through studies that caffeine when taken in excess leads to anxiousness rather than concentration. 50 mg to 100 mg Caffeine is the right dose for watchfulness. It is a good idea to have a small cup of coffee every four hourly, while you are at work. Do not drink coffee after 4 PM, so that you get good sleep at night.

Power nap after coffee

According to researchers, having a power nap after a cup of coffee works well if you wish to feel spirited at work. Once you wake up, you would be able to stay focused at work for the remaining hours left at work. The mechanism of action by which this works is explained by the fact that 45 minutes is the time taken by caffeine to show its effects. Because of this, caffeine can flow through your system as long as you are asleep and help you stay more alert when you wake up. Doesn’t it sound like a great idea?

If you are an entrepreneur who is unable to focus on work because of drowsiness and inadequate sleep at night, these ideas would surely help you. Keeping your windows open and getting exposed to the natural light of the sun also proves to be immensely beneficial in getting rid of the unwanted sleep that acts as an intruder for work.

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Disha Bhatt is a dentist if you go by her academic qualifications. She loves food, words, pets and gadgets. She has some awesome friends and she believes that if you have the right ones, you have the world.