After 5 PM Business Ideas That Make Money

Being your own boss is everyone’s dream, but kicking that permanent job to try your hands in business is a risky thing to do. However, you can still do business after that 9 to 5 job, and make it full-time once you achieve success with the same. Doing business after 5 PM can also give you extra income, even if you are not are not planning to entirely depend on it.

Here are a few ‘after 5 PM’ business ideas that you can try to make money.

Educate Others

Whether it is the academic education, music lessons, cookery classes, personal training or anything else that you are an expert at, you can share your knowledge with others after 5 PM and charge fees. You can build a classroom at your own house and invite others to join your training program. If you don’t have space, you can visit other people’s house to educate them. This will be something that you will enjoy and earn money for as well.

Content Writing/Editing

If you are good at grammar and have command over the language, earn money by writing content after 5 PM. Several businesses need content to promote their company’s products or services. You can contact these companies, and if they are in need of content, you can write for them and get paid for it. After 5 PM, you can earn a good income if you manage to write just a couple of articles. But before you try your hands at content writing, make sure that you are aware and equipped. Know SEO techniques and gather ideas about professional writing.

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Blogging is an incredible business with which you can do after 5 PM. There are thousands of blogs creating content on diverse topics, including cooking, art, lifestyle, travel, parenting, business, consulting, health and more. With a combination of affiliate marketing, sponsorship, ad revenue and subscriber marketing, you can build your blog and grow revenue each passing day. As your blog gains popularity, you may hire professional writers to write quality content for your blog and increase the earnings.

Graphic Designing

If you have a creative instinct and a background in graphic designing, why not design some graphics and earn money after 5 PM? However, graphic designing requires talent, lot of creativity and innovation. You need to learn using Adobe, and websites like Visme and Canva. Use your passion for designing and find ways to earn extra income after your regular job.

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Go Culinary

If you are good at making jams, pickles, candies, cakes or baked goods, cook them at weekends or after coming back from your job, and find ways to market and sell them out to retail stores. If you have a big friend circle, you can also sell your goods to them and earn money as well as appreciation. In fact, most small culinary business are now successfully thriving with an extensive social media presence.

Social Media Marketing

If you are an expert at using social media, why not turn it into the after 5 PM business after your job? Many companies, particularly retail startups, want a strong presence over social media, and they want people to help them. Platforms such as Hootsuite allow you to schedule posts and manage many accounts at a time. You need to work after 5 PM only, but you can schedule posts 24/7. With more than 25 million small business pages on Facebook alone, you have a good chance to find work with any of them.

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Mobile Apps

In today’s mobile dominated world, development of apps is an all-new, growing industry. Although there is almost every type of app you may need in your life, there is always room for new apps on the app store. Invest time in learning coding, and start developing. Work on the app and launch it at your own convenient time. An after 5 PM planning would be great. You may also use your talent to code and expand your business, eventually becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

These are some great after 5 PM business ideas. Remember, there is always a room for innovation in this world.

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