5 Internal Red Flags That Indicate You Aren’t Ready For Business


True, this is the era of startup revolution. Every other kid and corporate ex who has a seasoned innovative thought literally jumps on the business boat. The fact that most countries are now seeing the rise of new successful startup entrepreneurs is a welcome change. But what if you are simply not CUT OUT for the game? Not everyone is mentally equipped to become a hustler. You have to understand if you are REALLY ready to get into the arena and give it all.

Doubters cannot be doers. An iota of confusion or doubt in your mind means that you are not ready. Yes, it’s a challenge to figure all of that out, doing the crazy mind talk and self-introspection. We come to you with some standard red flags that need to be looked at before venturing into the zone.

You Are Unclear About the Idea

Whatever you plan to offer, whether it is a product or a service, needs to have clarity. You cannot be a wantrepreneur all the time, juggling with many ideas and not arriving at a solid conclusion. You can still own a large conglomerate someday, but today is the day to start with one brick at a time. Are you ready for that?

You Have Constant Second Thoughts

This includes night sweats and chills. You are not at ease and harangued at the advent. You keep battling with constant second thoughts. Questions like “is this really for me?”, “Am I in the right industry doing right things?” and “Will this even work out for me” become your everyday questions. Nope, it won’t work that way. You have to be all in also means that your mind is at sync with what you are doing. Doubters, you are simply not ready for it.

You Have Trust Issues

Absolutely. You refuse to co-work up with any kind of strategic arrangement. You are forever scared of being ‘poached’. Even if your piling business demands a partner, you refuse the idea at the onset. You look cool and approachable on the superficial layer, but speculate and hesitate on the inside. You can run a mile with this kind of set up, but not for long.

You Are Micro Managing Everything

Delegation is the most important part of running any business. On year down the line and you are still micro managing is not a good news. You simply fail to entrust anyone else with delegation. You fear quality lapses and performance issues. Scaling up is going to be a great headache and a challenge in your case.

You Don’t Feel Satisfied

No matter how many achievements, you feel a certain void inside. This could be due to the fact that your real inner passion has not turned into a full time persuasion. Whatever business that you are doing, is nothing but a front. It is not riddled with your fullest passion and focus. You cannot go on for long with vacuum and Valium intake. Time will soon come to drop the act and reveal the truth.

Doing business is possible, but not everyone is cut out for the same. It would always be ideal to be honest with self and back out at the earlier stages than stay loaded with regrets and loss throughout. Understand where your real passion lies and if it can become your next startup idea. There will be no stopping you.


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