4 Ways For Twitter Monetization Using Videos

With only 140 characters to use, how can Twitter be used to make money? This is the question that you probably always had. The simple truth is, that there are many ways you can use to monetize on Twitter, but monetizing with your videos is a great option to begin with.

In this post, we will be looking at the different Twitter monetization methods you can use for your videos.

Use Twitter pre-roll ads

Through the Twitter blog, the networking platform has introduced a monetization program for video creators. The program enables you to place a pre-roll ad before your video content. In return, you get a good revenue split of 70% whereas Twitter takes 30%. This is better than YouTube which offers 55% to the creator and keeps the remaining 45%.

To use the program, you have to be an approved creator based in the US. The process is simple. You just check a box prior to creating your Tweet. The pre-roll videos will run against your content. This is the leading revenue sharing model. It is also possible to opt-in videos pre-set monetization for all videos or tweet by tweet. You can also opt to monetize your content on Twitter and on other platforms.

Create content with brands with Niche.co

Another great method you can use for twitter monetization is using https://www.niche.co This is a service that has been around for a while and works with more than 35,000 creators across the globe together with top brands. The goal is to create authentic as well as resonating branded content.

The best thing about this twitter video program is that you get to work with leading brands on the campaign-by-campaign basis. Another benefit is that you get to attend exclusive events with leading creators across the globe. What is more is that you will enjoy great analytics across major social networks.

Monetize via Periscope

Twitter recently added the live Periscope content as a monetization option. This program enables brands and creators to earn of the ad revenue on media posts. This is inclusive of the live content that has been produced through Periscope.

The program works by helping creators to take advantage of the Periscope’s mechanism of sponsored content delivering. Creators will benefit in the form of shared revenue. This is, however, a new program that is still in development. It is currently in the pilot stage.

Media Studio and Twitter Engage App

This is not much of a twitter monetization program but a way of making it easy for you to make money on twitter. The Media studio is a tool that makes it easy to upload, manage as well as publish media efficiently and effectively from the desktop. Twitter Engage App is the mobile app for helping you do the same thing from a mobile device. You gain access to all the publishing tools & resources recently found on video.twitter.com.

Making money using twitter video has been made easy thanks to the many programs available. What is more is that Twitter offers some of the best revenue sharing models on the market. Make use of as many tools and programs as you can get your hands on.

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A social space addict! Neha Lad is the co founder of Pinch Of Social. As an independent social media consultant and a certified marketer by Asia Marketing Federation (AMF) she works with small business owners, bloggers and start-ups to help them leverage on the power of social media for their business growth.