3 Pillars of a Strong Digital Promotion Strategy: SMS, SMM and E-mail

The marketing geniuses are aware that combining SMS Marketing with Social Media Marketing and E-mail marketing can create a powerhouse effect. Though these strategies work well as standalone marketing tools, the combined effect of these creates a powerful impact on your brand and in the minds of your targeted audience. If you need to be where your customers are, then its time to integrate these three channels of communication into your marketing campaign. It will help you in building stronger relationships with your customers and these powerhouses can exceed your marketing goals too.

SMS Marketing with Social Media Marketing

The immense benefits you can gain from integrating these three marketing channels are: –

Increase in customers by cross promoting

  1. Increase in customers by cross promoting

By integrating your marketing channels you can easily grow your SMS subscribers list. You can use either of the platforms to create awareness about the other. For instance, in social media and email marketing you can include information pertaining to your SMS Marketing service at the end of your posts and emails. This will boost your customer database significantly because customers that opt for these channels will also be happy to subscribe for your SMS Marketing services. Including an offer or incentive to sign up with your SMS Marketing service can definitely add fodder to your Integrated Marketing Channel. Similarly, you can use SMS Marketing services to spread awareness about your social media presence and e-mail marketing to your customers. If these customers follow your SMS Marketing service, they will definitely be interested in knowing more about you through other platforms. Therefore, by using cross promotion strategies, you can make your customers be a part of your integrated marketing channel.


Know your customers) better

  1. Helps you KYC (Know your customers) better

If you extract information about your customers form your integrated marketing channel, you can stand a chance to know more about them. This will not only help you understand their personalities, purchase behavior and choice, but will also give you a chance to connect with them better by providing theme exactly what they prefer. By understanding your customer’s expectations and needs, you can create a unique sales proposition that adequately meets their needs and influences them to purchase from your store and not the competitor.

When you are armed with data about your customers through these marketing channels, it makes you a better informed business house and also helps you in identifying key influencers i.e. customers who will influence your brand by word of mouth and also customers who significantly contribute to your sales.


Expands the reach of your audience

  1. Expands the reach of your audience

Integrated marketing channel not only reduces your marketing expense but it also provides you a bigger platform to convey your message. Why must you limit your communication with key prospects, customers and your fans to one single channel?

Instead use social media and SMS Marketing service to power email marketing and email marketing and social media marketing to power SMS Marketing series and vice versa. Integrated marketing channels help your message reach a limitless audience and reduce marketing expenses tremendously. You pay for one or two advertising mediums to communicate and use them to spread awareness about other campaigns.


Helps you create dedicated campaigns

  1. Helps you create dedicated campaigns

Information obtained by integrating marketing channels helps business houses build better marketing campaigns that are more dedicated and focused towards their target audience. By understanding the needs and patterns of your target audience, you can create value based content for your emails, social media posts, blogs and SMS. When you extend the reach of your messages to a larger audience via integrated marketing channels, chances of your emails/social media posts and text messages being shared increases significantly, making your campaign famous and helps you attract new set of customers too.

Integrating your email marketing, social media marketing and SMS Marketing campaigns will fetch you a larger customer base and give you the power to effectively communicate with a limitless audience without incurring huge costs. There are might ways business houses can benefit from these powerhouses. From positive bottom line to better customer experience and excellent credentials and goodwill in the market, the synergy of these marketing modalities can immensely benefit your company.

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