15 SOLO Businesses That Can Be Founded With Less Than 1000 Dollars

Many people dream of running a business of their own, but most resist because they don’t have the required capital. Majority of aspiring entrepreneurs think that they cannot start a business without thousands of dollars in their bank account. But this is not true. There are certain businesses that can be started without much investment. Here is a list of 15 businesses that can be founded with less than 1000 dollars.

Tutoring Business

If you are educated, you can call other children at your home and teach them. You may also go to their house to teach them. Usually, tuition classes end for an hour, and you may charge on per hour, weekly or monthly basis. Not just education, you may also teach if you have a specific skill to distribute, such as cooking, knitting, etc.

Fashion Designing Services

If you have a good fashion sense, you can earn money for styling others for a party or event. As you gain experience, you may start a fashion business of your own and earn a handsome amount.


Photography Services

If you have the knack for photographing others, you may start creating photographs in your home and in your neighborhood. All you need is a good camera and an equipment insurance, which you will definitely get for less than 1000 dollars. Start by being a freelance photographer, and then start a business of your own as you gain experience and money.

Content Writing Services

If you have command over a language, including its vocabulary, grammar and structure, then you can write content for websites and companies. Just buy a laptop and get an Internet connection, and write on a wide range of topics that your clients need. You may charge on weekly hours or on per blog.

Graphic Designing

Almost anyone can use online templates to design graphics, but not everyone has the eye for colors and fonts. No matter how great the template is, the design will not be pleasing if he does not have the creativity required for it. If you have that eye, go for graphic designing.


Event Planner

If you are fascinated about décor and detail, then event planning can be a great fit for you. You may earn money by planning birthdays, weddings, other parties and events for others.

Personal Trainer

People have become health conscious these days, and they don’t mind hiring a personal trainer to give them the required mentoring. If you love exercise and workout, you may share your knowledge with others for a fee.

Accounting Services

If you are good with numbers, then you can manage accounts for other companies and individuals. You may charge on weekly, monthly or per hour basis.


Property Manager

There are people who have bought more than one property, and don’t have time to take care of them. Here, you can enter to look after the property, and ensure that all its activities are running smoothly. As a property manager, you will receive the mails, stock the refrigerator, get the laundry done, and get work done from cleaners, gardeners and others.

Translation Services

If you know more than one language, then you are blessed to become a translator. You can do good business with companies that do international businesses, multi-lingual authors and more.

Transcription Services

From audios to videos, there is a lot of matter that needs to be transcribed. If you are good at typing, you can become a transcriber with just a computer and a few hours in your day. You may charge on per hour or per project basis.


Copy Editing Services

You can use your language and grammar skills to become a freelance copy editor. Whether it is a business pamphlet, a blog post or a grant proposal, every content needs editing and you can charge on per hour or per project basis.


If you are an expert in a particular field, whether it is education, business, finance or relationships, you can use your communication skills to convince and manipulate others, and earn money in return.


Company Agent

Companies like Oriflame and Tupperware are largely based on their referrals and agents. They pay their agents to sell their goods. You can become an agent of these companies, and earn a good commission. All you need is a huge circle of friends and great selling skills.

Catering Services

If you are great at cooking and can handle several meals at once, then don’t hesitate to start a catering business of your own. You will be often paid on per project basis.

So, if you are low on budget, but want to start a business of your own, here are a few options that you can go for.

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