11 Must-Read Blogs for all Entrepreneurs

Whether you are just toiling with the idea of starting a company or have already made your mark as an entrepreneur, knowledge is something that everyone strives for. Starting a company can be hard but if you can receive some advice from the experts then, sure enough, that will make your task simpler.

Blogs are great sources of information which can help you to not only gain knowledge about entrepreneurship and business trends but will also offer you a bridge to collaborate and communicate with professionals and experts. There are several entrepreneurs, investors, and academicians who put up different sorts of advice, information, and tricks that one can employ in their businesses. However, figuring out these sites that are worth spending time on can be a painstaking task.

So, here I have compiled a list of some of my favorite blogs that are a good source of news and knowledge.

  1. Think Entrepreneurship

This is a great blog founded by Pete Sveen that has articles ranging from motivational to some great business tips to treasure. If you are looking for some information on how to start or grow your business, then this is one of the best blogs. What is even great about this blog is that apart from articles, Pete Sveen records and puts up podcasts which are mainly interviews or talks with some successful entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for some tips to amplify your business or just some source of inspiration, then look nowhere and visit Think Entrepreneurship today.

  1. Quora

Okay, Quora isn’t a blog in the real sense but it is a truly great source of information. It is mainly a Q&A site where real experts take the time to answer your questions earnestly. Just like twitter, you can follow everyone from Mark Cuban to Mark Zuckerberg and also direct a question towards them to which they will answer. Make sure you are following right kind of topics like entrepreneurship, business or startups so as to get the right kind of feed. Answers are upvoted by the community and hence you will always get to see some of the best ones. You can find answers to likeHow did Mark Cuban learn to sell? or perhaps “What is the best advice for young, first-time startup CEO?”

  1. Pando Daily

Sarah Lacy, the American technology journalist who was a columnist with TechCrunch founded Pando Daily in 2012. Pando is known for the exclusive interviews with high profile people in tech along with some top entrepreneurship stories.

  1. Blogtrepreneur

This one was created by Matthew Toren and Adam Toren as a resource to combine the spirit of bloggers and entrepreneurs, so as to provide the necessary insight and knowledge that is needed by the fellow business owners. The Toren duo is famous for their teaching and research interests in business development, marketing, innovation and many others and so Blogtrepreneur is one of the favorite blogs amongst the entrepreneurs.

  1. Guy Kawasaki

It is hard to believe if someone hasn’t heard about him especially in the business world. Guy Kawasaki is a successful evangelist, a great speaker and the author of books like Art of Social Media, Selling and Dream and many others. His blog is a great read and amazing source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs. So, indulge into his writings to learn the essence of evangelism from a true guru.

  1. Copy Blogger

If you are looking for some great content on content marketing, then Copy Blogger is the place to check out. It is known as the Bible of content marketing which was founded in the year 2006 by Brian Clark, who is a writer, entrepreneur, and online content producer. So if you are looking for some knowledge on how to improve your online writing and blogging skills, then Copy Blogger is what you need.

  1. Business Pundit

This one is by the writer and content marketer, Drea Knufken. Business Pundit is the source for latest business and innovation trends for many entrepreneurs. This blog keeps you updated on what people are doing in the world of business which might range from technology to marketing trends in the industry. If you can’t figure out what to read then you can always choose something from the popular posts.

  1. Frugal Entrepreneur

A new business always requires several kinds of documents and it can be a real hassle to find some good examples for them. This was the inspiration for Adam Gottlieb when he created Frugal Entrepreneur. The site is a good source for various business documents that startups need and which many businessmen struggle to find them. It also is a blog full of great advice and business tips that most small business owners need. The site offers several free resources that many business owners have found to be helpful.

  1. Under 30 CEO

Under 30 CEO is an entrepreneurial blog written by Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole that emphases on traveling and entrepreneurship as they both own their travel company. Their blog is a great source of motivation for the Gen Y that wants to get away from the work that they hate. You can choose to read from interviews with entrepreneurs to several startup profiles that might be of your interest.

  1. Epic Launch

This is a great blog for any entrepreneur especially for the ones who are seeking advice on online business. You can learn about everything from improving your business to taking it to the next level. However, Epic Launch is better known for the knowledge it shares on social media, blogging and other stuff that is related to online business and e-commerce.

  1. Bizztor

This is an awesome platform all about empowering and encouraging students and young entrepreneurs to innovate think big and connect to the global community of entrepreneurs. Bizztor’s objective is to create a dynamic and impactful environment that will help to further strengthen sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem.

While these are just a bunch of websites that I like to check frequently, it won’t make justice to this list without the mention of ThugStart, which also is a great source of knowledge in itself. So, don’t forget to bookmark the list and visit it every time you are in need for some quality business advice.

Also, if your favorite entrepreneurial blog has not made it to this list, then let me know through comments and I might just make this list bigger the next time.

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