10 Tools to Improve the Quality of your Social Media Posts

Social media marketing is all about creating high quality content but within the specified word limit. This may not always be an easy task, especially if you are creating the content yourself. Many a times, you may end up with content which is not completely error free. Then there might be times when you may find it hard to adhere to the word limit.

But, here is some good news. Did you know that there are some writing tools that can actually help in enhancing the quality of your social media posts? They surprisingly come in handy.

Take a look at some of the best writing tools for social media postings.


Twitter is a social media network which is highly followed by the tech savvy generation today. Thus, sending tweets is definitely one of the best ways to get people aware of what you have to offer. However, there is one limitation. You can’t type in more than 140 characters in a tweet. So, what would you do if your content is longer? Break it down into smaller tweets and key in every tweet separately? Well, not really. With WriteRack, you can key in the whole content at one go. This tool will break into smaller tweets and post it onto Twitter for you, thus saving you a lot of time and effort.

Slick Write

Not sure if the content you created is error free? Don’t worry. Just copy the content and paste it into the Slick Write window. It will go through the entire content and mark all the grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can change the settings based on the kind of editing that you need.

Polish My Writing

The tone of your content plays an extremely important role in the way it would impact the audience. At times, when you could do with some suggestions to improve the tone of your content, get some help from Polish My Writing. It not only corrects the errors in your content but also suggests the changes which could work great for your content.

Help Plag Tracker

Plagiarism is a problem which mars the social media content time and again. Thus, gauging the originality of your content is very crucial. Using Help Plag tracker, you can easily find out if there are any parts of your content which seem similar to some other posts that may have been posted by your competitors.


Many a times, while composing content for your social media platform you may be unsure whether certain phrases and sentences make sense. What do you do in such a scenario? You log on to a search engine and check for its relevance. However, by integrating Write Full to your word processor, you can immediately find out if the phrases are correct.

Word Counter

With most social media networks stressing on the need to adhere to word count, creating content within the word limit is important. Word Count makes this easier by helping you to keep a close eye on this.


If you extensively create content for social media networks, then keeping track of these and organizing these may seem tough at times. Ulysses is an app which helps in taking care of this. It works as a virtual assistant that organizes all your content at one place, irrespective of when and where you write and post these. It keeps track of your emails, tweets, posts, articles etc.

Grammar Check

Using this tool, you can analyze all the grammatical mistakes in your content. All you need to do is copy the content on its window. It will not only correct grammatical mistakes but even modifiers and ellipses which are not necessary.

Hemingway App

A passive voice and over complicated sentences are a great put off for the readers. Thus, you need to extra sure that your content is free of these. The Hemingway tool takes care of these and offers suggestions to replace the very complicated words. It also marks sentences which make use of passive voice or too many adverbs.


Need to get your content edited? Wordy is a virtual editing tool which edits your content in less than 20 minutes. All you need to do is post your content on the website. It will automatically assign the content to an editor who is best suited for your content.

So, the next time, you create some content for social media platforms, you know where to look in order to improve its quality.

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