10 Tips to Help You Create Effective To Do Lists

Everyone has so many things to do; the thing they want to do, things they’d rather not but have to and finally, those things that are stuck at the bottom of the list for an eternity. In businesses, however, these lists may hurt the owners’ productivity. A long list that continually being postponed might even end up hurting an individual’s confidence due to not completing goals set by oneself.

The key is to change the way to-do lists are used because ultimately, to-do lists are of utmost importance after.

1. Pick a Medium

Purely based on preference, would you rather use pen-and-paper or pick a smartphone app from the multitudes available? Both can be effective but stick to the one that you find to be most.

2. Select two primary actions

Pick out two tasks that you think should be completed in order and finish these before you do anything else. This acts as a motivation and increases the likelihood of the completion of the other tasks.

3. Task-breakdown

Recognise the complex tasks and break them down into sub-tasks, the completion of which would inherently lead to the completion of the main task itself. Breaking the task down into a comprehensive set of smaller tasks increases the probability of completing the task and would also seem less daunting.

4. Prioritize

While creating the list, urgency is one of the parameters that ought to be kept in mind. Tasks of utmost urgency to the company are the tasks that should be completed first. If there’s an equally important task that can be put on hold for the next week, add a reminder to do so.

5. Categorize

It is likely that two tasks require similar efforts or preparation. It is better to categorise tasks these together as this might shorten the time taken to complete the tasks.

6. Adherence

Adhere to the list, to the T. Often it so happens that the tasks remain incomplete as the task completion is not followed in the order listed. After establishing the order of the daily list, try to your best capacity to adhere to unless there’s a change in the urgency/importance factor. Doing the most unpleasant tasks reduces the temptation.

7. The inclusion of date and time

Allot a time slot on the list of daily to-do, for each of your tasks. Treating each task as if keeping an appointment will lower the scope of distractions. Keep buffer times during the day where you accept the distractions and complete tasks that crop up unexpectedly.

8. Dropping certain tasks

Maintain a ‘someday’ list which consists of tasks that are not too urgent and are not tied up by a deadline. You might do well to take it off your list for now.

9. Track your accomplishments

Once you check an item off the list, add the task to a list of accomplishments. An accomplishment list achieves wonders in terms of self-confidence. Tracking your accomplishments will also give you the bigger picture on whether the company is any closer to achieving its overall mission.

10. An Accountability Partner

If you’re having trouble sticking to your to-do list, ask someone trustworthy and responsible to help you monitor the tasks you’re planning to undertake. With someone else watching, the chances of completing the tasks are a lot higher or you will have to be answerable to why you did not finish the task.

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