10 Superb Freelancing Websites This Year!!

Freelancing has become a trend these days. Nothing can be better than working at your convenience and still being able to have a handsome salary. Family friendly environment is the main perquisite of working through freelancing websites. Creative individuals can accomplish a lot through the awesome freelancing websites.

Check out the top 10 superb freelancing websites of 2016.



Upwork is a global scaffold where freelancers can get an opportunity to interact with companies. With 10 million members approximately, this website has annual jobs counting to whopping 5 million. Freelance writers, mobile developers, consultants, designers as well as experts of sales and marketing are available on Upwork.

People Per Hour



Are you planning to earn some more money and achieve something more in life? Sign up on People Per Hour and get recognized for your creativity. Be it app development, writing, search engine optimization, website development, research writing or meta-analysis, People Per Hour gives you ample chances to get hired.



Fiverr is a place where you can find freelancers who charge reasonable amount for their work. Anyone whose priority is “EXPERIENCE” and not just money, can definitely create an account on Fiverr. It would surely help you in enhancing your resume and finding bulk jobs that suit your profile. Make sure you send in your proposal quickly so that the job does not go out of your hands.



More than 3 million services are categorically placed on Guru. Web designing, software solutions, IT, writing, proofreading and translation, engineering projects and architecture services are included in Guru. Taking into consideration the neck to neck competition, it is advisable that the freelancers respond quickly.



Freelancer offers many options for memberships to the users. You can avail Free, Intro, Basic, Plus, Standard or Premium Membership. If your membership is basic, you have to pay a higher rate of hourly fees to the website. You would not have many bids too. For writers and logo designers, Free or Intro membership is fine at the outset.



There are countries where writers are not paid according to the hard work they put in. If you are a writer who is not very satisfied with the pay rate, you can join Contently this instant. For anyone who can write well and wishes to get recognized globally, here is a platform. It would allow you to grow as a writer, leaving you with a sense of contentment. It’s all in the brand name.



Cheap membership rate is the highlight of iFreelance. Also, you are not supposed to pay a commission to them. It does not have too many options so it is recommended to sign up on another website too that would enable you to make more money.



Scripted is not for everyone. It is only for select people who are extraordinary. Their process of selection is not easy to crack. However, if you get through, Scripted is a wonderful place for top notch writers who wish to have an impressive portfolio.


article bunny

ArticleBunny also has a selection process in which the freelancer is supposed to appear in an English proficiency exam. Once you clear this exam, you have to write an article according to the criteria of the clients at ArticleBunny. Quality is of top priority on this site.



Logo designers would have a great platform to showcase their logo designing skills at Logoworks, a reputed online graphic design agency.

With the rapidly increasing outsourcing opportunities, freelancing websites are sure to have an impetus. Send in your proposals to brighten your career chances.

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