10 Powerful Affirmations for Startup Entrepreneurs

Starting out on your own is the first step of many things to come. You have officially embarked on a journey of self-employment, sustenance and identity creation. You are about to build your own brand – an offering that betters the way things are done. Simply put, you have entered into the zone of doers and achievers. YOU against them. The whole world will now question your decision. You are not bothered. You are loving this. The passion that has become your prime business.

Yet, the sails will not be easy. You will be constantly put to testing waters, money crunched and pulled down with those who do not believe in the possibilities. Simple question remains – are you willing to embrace the adversities, overcome and conquer?

startup guy

In the world of business, startup guys are the first rookies with zero experience. A bunch of individuals who are all out on their own. What do they need? Some great affirmations!

Now do not push this away. Affirmations should be the first in your everyday to-do list. This is not small stuff. The affirmations that you say at the beginning of the day will go on and change things. They will make you deliver better, feel fantastic.

10 affirmations for the startup thugs. Say them time and again or say them at once. But saying them matters.

  1. “I’m the best”

You are the best. You are seasoned in what you do. You are out there to deliver and win. You will be the best if not there yet. Only, you will get better at being the best.

  1. “I am a possibility thinker”

You are not just optimistic. You are driven with a super positive outlook. You are riddled with energy and enthusiasm to make this business work. Yes, you are a possibility thinker.

  1. “I bring in tremendous client satisfaction”

You know what has to be done and what needs to be done. That makes you an amazing resource to bring in the client satisfaction. You will deliver with quality and you will deliver on time. The client has no choice but to get back to you with more work.


  1. “I am innovative”

You are a thug who loves to innovate. Every day is a new learning. Every project calls in for breakthrough methods. Who better to close the deals than an innovator like you? You think out of the box. You are a wild card that makes a surprise comeback. You are a rookie with unbelievable potential.

  1. “I offer global standards”

You may be a one seater startup. But you deliver world class stuff. You believe in delivering global standards to even the local businesses. That’s what makes you a stand out, a cut apart.

  1. “Client will see through my vision”

Your vision with the business is perfect – it’s streamlined, has clarity. You will deliver your service or product with a panache that speaks directly of your startup’s core motto.


  1. “Client’s business, MY business”

All the clients who interact with you, trust and offer you work, you are making their business yours. You are owning up client’s most essential needs. You will barge in and better the choices for the client. You will work towards making the client’s product a success.

  1. “I will not rest until the next level is reached”

Yeahh!! You are bursting with excitement and dedication. You are loving this business so much, that you are working seven days a week to make it happen. Your dream to expand is just in the near vicinity. You are about to get there and will do so.

startup main1

  1. “I’m a leader who inspires and sets examples”

You are a startup founder who leads the team by example. You will get to the chair of your resource, work on the project and show them how it’s done. You are a team player who will imbibe fine traits and skills within your resources. You will form such a synergy that your team will refuse to leave your business. Ever.

  1. “I envision success for my startup”

This is your shop. Your domain, your home. You will work day and night to make this happen. There is simply no stopping you, because you are on the path to seek success. And nothing will stop you from getting there.

Say these great affirmations every day when you are about to head to work. Be it at home or at office, your startup is your complete focus. Think success, always!!

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