10 Must Read Books That Should Be In The Shelves of Budding Honchos

Few books definitely need space in the rack, especially while running your own business. Startups are the new cool. With increasing young guns venturing into the mean and competitive space, world is now seeing the new era of business honchos who have barely touched their 30’s. Few of these entrepreneurs have executed their groundbreaking ideas, setting a brand new example of innovation.

Books play an inspiring role in enabling goals and reaping them into fruitful actions. To help aspiring young businessmen achieve success in both their personal and professional life, we have compiled top list of books that will impart you with basics and give you an insight towards the journey of success.

Check out the ten must read books that have to be in the shelves of budding honchos (Not in any specific order):

who moved my cheese

1. Who Moved my Cheese (Spencer Johnson)

All time profound, Spencer teaches us how to accept change and make it a constant part of our lives in his extremely popular bestseller Who Moved My Cheese. The book practically sends you on an inspirational overdrive with a simple mantra – Adapt to changes in such a manner that you enjoy success more than stressing on your failures.

2. The Psychology of Selling (Brian Tracy)

A book so well written, Tracy’s The Psychology of Selling gets into the basics of selling your idea before selling the results to the client. If you have a great product, then make a great story out of it to entice your customer.

The Start Up of You (Reid Hoffman)

3. The Start Up of You (Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha)

Adapt to the future, invest in yourself and transform your career, is what Reid Hoffman, celebrated founder of LinkedIn along with Ben Casnocha tells us. The Start Up of You has some major pointers to survive in a fiercely competitive market. What more, get to know more about jobs done by both the employers and employees to understand the best of two worlds.

4. How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie)

A business classic by the ultimate guru of motivation, Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People dwells on the do’s and don’ts of social life along with effective techniques to win over people who are least interested in your pitch. The book is a highly recommended read, especially for influencing people outside the digital space.

How to win friends and influence people (Dale Carnegie)

5. Thinking Fast and Slow (Daniel Kahneman)

The best-selling book by Nobel Memorial Prize winner Daniel Kahneman talks about pros and cons of slow and fast thinking and its direct effect on your business as a young entrepreneur.

6. Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon Letcher)

This scintillating fable outlines everything an entrepreneur must know about financial literacy required to run his business. Rich dad, Poor Dad has been a hot favorite among people all over the globe as it also asserts on how to achieve financial goals, a lesson not taught in schools.

The Psychology of Selling (Brian Tracy)

7. Click Millionaires (Scott Fox)

Click Millionaires is everything about E-tailing, the new retailing. Fox urges young entrepreneurs to make use of digital space tools and expand their horizons.

8. The $100 startup (Chris Gillebeau)

A book designed to boost motivation to young entrepreneurs who have great ideas but zero funding. Gillebeau uplifts the new age thinkers by articulating about the success stories of those who started out with absolutely nothing and are making a fortune now.

Click Millionaires (Scott Fox)

9. The 4-hour workweek (Timothy Ferris)

A book so impeccably written, it states the 4-hour work formula in a week any young entrepreneur can adopt and still make a fortune. Budding entrepreneurs who want to work the smart way, this book is your bible.

10. Rich Woman (Kim Kiyosaki)

Hail Women! Kim has emphasized on financial literacy and skills, a must for women who wish to live independently. She guides women into investing in stocks, real estates and business ventures as a source of income. This is the time of fast rising young businesswomen, and they definitely need the insights here.

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