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10 MUST Follow Websites for New Skills

An internet is readily accessible now at home and offices, phones and tablets. After all, this is how the modern world stays connected. But, if you have been using your internet package only for checking emails and updating your social media accounts, it actually means that you have not been making good use of the facility.

Social media is important. But, equally important is the need to learn something new. And when it comes to learning new skills there is no better place than the virtual world, which is clogged with websites that impart new skills and better knowledge.

10 most sought after websites that can help you learn something new.



CourseEra is one website that offers a wide range of online courses on varied subjects. Designed by some of the best institutions and professors from around the globe, you can find technical as well as non technical courses, here. What’s more, these courses are free of cost.


In case, you are want to learn some skills that can come in handy in your real life, then opting for Udemy would be a great idea. From playing a guitar to clicking high quality pictures and building websites, you can learn anything and everything on this website. Experts train you in the skill of your choice at a nominal fee.



Knowing your finances and everything about financial world will make it easy for you to handle your money well. So, if you are not really a hardcore money guy or gal, you can learn more about this through Investopedia. On this website, you can find a number of tutorial and videos that get you acquainted with different aspects of the financial world.



Have a question about any subject matter? Get your answers on Quora.  Just put up your question and it will be answered by some of the experts and well known people who have been working in the relevant field for long. Don’t dismiss this as any question answer forum. What makes this website unique is that only the most relevant and important questions are posted on the site to be answered.




If you aspire to be a programmer, CodeAcademy is the perfect website to begin with. Here, you can easily learn some of the latest programming languages like Python, HTML, PHP and CSS. This is an ideal website for beginners, which gives an overall feel of the language in an easy to understand manner.



Your dream to learn new skills from renowned world universities can come true, if you enroll onto this website. With a wide range of courses related to an assortment of subjects, you can find courses designed by Harvard as well as MIT here.



On eHow, you will find a step by step guide that will help you learn a new skill. With content on this website having been written by a team of experts, you can find learn both technical as well as non technical skills on this website.



TED boasts of a number of videos that features lectures and briefs of experts in different fields or subjects. By going through these videos, you can easily learn and know more about different subjects.



Looking for ways to improve your mental and analytical powers? Well, on this website, you can find a number of games that will help you to enhance these skills. The website is also known for providing training to individuals to improve their analytical and decision making skills. These can actually be customized, based on your requirements.



With the world becoming a smaller place, proficiency in foreign languages can definitely take you places. Enrolling on to the linguistic courses on this website is a great idea. Learning the most popular foreign languages like Spanish, French, German, English etc is made easy and fun with the help of well thought out course modules. And the best part is that this is free of cost.

If you are really serious about learning online, there is no dearth of websites from which you can learn. So, go ahead and enrich yourself with new skills and knowledge.

A mother of two, my dream of building a career came true when I identified my gift for writing. A writer by profession and a bookworm by choice, I love reading, watching movies and listening to old hindi music when I am not working.

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