10 Free Online Courses MUST for Young Entrepreneurs

No matter what field you are in, success always demands skills. If young entrepreneurs want to succeed over the old and experienced ones, they need to develop as many latest skills as they can. No one will deny the fact that when you learn continuously, you tend to lead and grow. Whether it’s attending seminars, reading books, or taking online courses, continuously expanding your mental horizon is the key to success.

To learn, you need not to attend school. Internet has many options available for the working crowd. You can easily listen, download, or take a class by watching these online videos.


We have listed the 10 Free Online Courses that every young entrepreneur must go through and get past, to succeed faster.

  1. How To Develop iPhone Apps (Courses for Entrepreneurs)

The first in our list is how to make iPhone Apps. It teaches how to develop an app. If you are a computer savvy and have a wonderful idea of an app, invest your precious five hours and you’ll be all set to submit your first app to the App Store.

  1. Introduction to Graphic Design (Courses for Entrepreneurs)

We operate in a visual world. Every entrepreneur should learn the basics of good designing. There are beginner courses that teach the basic principles of designing and how to create an attention-grabbing visual.

  1. Beginners Adobe Photoshop (Courses for Entrepreneurs)

Once you learn the introduction to graphic designing, the next step is to start designing! Beginners Adobe Photoshop is the tutorial for beginners and it teaches the fundamentals of essential graphic designing.

If photography is your business, go for this course.

  1. Diploma in Social Media Marketing (Online Courses for Entrepreneurs)

This course teaches you the fine points of social media marketing, such as email marketing, social platforms, blogging and increasing site traffic.

  1. Become a Networking Master (Online Courses for Entrepreneurs)

As an entrepreneur you have to attend many networking events, conferences and meetings. To progress your career you must take this course as it teaches you how to enlarge your network and communicate.

  1. Introduction to Public Speaking (Online Courses for Entrepreneurs)

Again, an entrepreneur has to improve his performance in meetings, calls, and on the stage. This course will make you more effective and confident on presenting, persuading and debating.

  1. Competitive Strategy (Online Courses for Entrepreneurs)

Moving ahead in life and staying there is an art. The course on competitive strategy will teach you the basics of the game theory in order to gain competitive advantages.

  1. How to Start a Startup (Online Courses for Entrepreneurs)

This is a very important course for those who have an idea of business in their minds. We all agree that there are number of start ups in the market but only few will succeed and survive. This course will teach you how to start your dream and make it into a successful reality.

  1. Diploma in Project Management (Online Courses for Entrepreneurs)

If you dream of becoming a department head or enhancing the growth of your trade, you have to master project management. This course offers lessons of project management methodology, project life cycles, tools and case studies.

  1. The Secret of Great Writing (Online Courses for Entrepreneurs)

No matter which field you’re in, you are into writing emails, letters, presentations, scripts or speeches. This course teaches you to improve your business writing.

Life is a process of continuous learning. Those who learn and enhance their skills succeed. There is always a way forward with knowledge.

Keep learning.

Check out Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Stanford University

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